Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Color: Aqua Blue Green Style for The Office

Even if you’re stuck in a stuffy cubicle Monday through Friday, Never Surrender your desire for stylishly, uplifted summer fashion. Embrace the aquatic hues of the season in the boardroom, as you dream about the boardwalk.
Aquatic Fashion Summer 2013
Clockwise from left: Ramy Brook Bella Blouse ($375), Love Alex Alder Shoulder Bag ($1460), Kate Spade New York Paloma Pumps ($182), Torn by Ronny Kobo ($198), La Mer Collections Simple Wrap Watch ($88), Boden Skinny Belt ($38), Ohne Titel Dress ($276)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blinged Out at Home, Jeweladi Wrap Bracelets

Just because I'm working from home doesn't mean I allow myself to sit in front on my computer without makeup, in a robe and fuzzy slippers. Quite the contrary, my darlings. I'm well coiffed, well accessorized and clinging to my Never Surrender mantra.

When it comes to bling, I seek items that aren't fussy and will allow me to pick up Ms. Ilana Rose, aka my baby girl, without worrying if I'll poke her precious skin. Currently, I'm loving wrap bracelets of all kind, including this leather and glass bead number from jeweladi. Do support this fabulous, young designer. She's a mommy, as well!
Jeweladi bracelets, spring/summer 2013

Beach Wear: Sexy One Piece Swimwear for New Moms

Hitting the beach less than two months after giving birth is no easy task, even for mini gals like myself. Every woman who’s given birth knows that you can’t exercise for 4-6 weeks. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding, you have an urge to eat up a storm in order to maintain your energy level and proper milk production. So, what’s a new mom to do if she wants to Never Surrender and feel sexy? Work with the body you have NOW.
New mom poolside in Aquarella Swimwear New York Monokini
My mission, two weeks ago when I went to Miami for a bachelorette party, was clear: find a glamorous one-piece that accents my newly developed lady friends (bonus!), while synching in my tummy and hiding my excess back flab. This was my mission. Yours might be entirely different. You may have a tummy for much longer, hate how your legs look, detest the bigger boobs. The point is, for every style/beauty problem there is a solution to achieving one’s most fabulous state of beauty. (Darlings, pardon the British-esque tone in my writing. I started watching Downton Abbey during breast pumping and I find it quite marvelous to speak in such a manner.)

Where was I? Oh yes, me ;). I ended up wearing a divine black number from Aquarella Swimwear because it made me feel secure, stylish and, oh yes, SEXY, in the body I’m currently rocking.

Aquarella Swimwear 2013 (L) Calypso Maillot (R) Phoebe Maillot
Here are two other Aquarella Swimwear pieces to consider, if you want more coverage. While I’ve previously hated to spend over $40 for a bathing suit (which you can confirm with my sister, Michelle) I stand by the quality of this brand and it’s ability to keep everything that needs to be hidden, hidden, and everything that needs to be lifted, lifted!
Do you have a swimwear dilemma? Let me find the perfect PamsPick bathing suit that will help you Always Be Your Best You, this summer. Leave a comment below and, who knows, maybe you’ll even get to keep the pieces I find for you!