Friday, February 28, 2014

P2 Lifestyle: Old Hollywood Glamour Must Be Revived

In some TV interview, I recall Joan Rivers (FYI I love this woman!) saying that as a young girl she was getting into the elevator at Saks Fifth Avenue when XYZ (sorry can’t recall who she named - I'm experiencing pregnancy brain) Hollywood, leading lady stepped out looking the part of a “Hollywood leading lady”. Of course, she wasn’t on set and no cameras were following. Rivers’ comment was that this was how an actress should look at all times.
Lauren Bacall, Audrey Halpern & Liz Taylor out-and-about, and still glamorous 
When did Hollywood glamour die? Sure, the women usually pull out all the stops when they are on the Red Carpet. We’ll see plenty of that this Sunday at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. But, what about in the real world? What about when they run out for groceries, take their kids to school or have a production meeting? Much like a president leading a nation, I expect these women – and men – to lead the nation, by example.

Yes, life has changed over the past fifty plus years. There are more obstacles and responsibilities, yada yada. Why does glamour and female allure have to be stifled in the process? Why can’t young Hollywood look casual-cool in jeans and well fitted shirt, but also slap on a little rouge? And, for the love of g-d, well coiffed hair in NOT an option under any circumstance.

I could show you the evidence of Hollywood run a mock, i.e. women who jet out of the house looking like hot messes, but that’s too TMZ for my taste. And, my mother, who happens to be an etiquette coach, taught be better. So, I’m not mentioning any specific names or showcasing images for your viewing pleasure. I simply want to put out this PSA:

Leading ladies of Hollywood, please get your acts together. You are leading a nation of women that look up to you as role models not only for your entrepreneurialism, philanthropy and artistic talent, BUT your grace and beauty. Being a role model is a 360 job with multiple levels; and, Always Being Your Best You is one of them.

So, next time you walk out the door you don’t need to look like you just stepped out of a movie set, but you also don’t need to look like you just mopped the floor with your head and pulled clothing out of a hamper. Take a page from icons of yesteryear and Never Surrender your style and beauty routine. America's women need you!
Sophia Loren and Liz Taylor always looking their best
PS I placed this post in "P2 Lifestyle" because style and beauty are full lifestyle choices that women must make on a daily basis to express themselves and set the tone for their lives. It's how we can live with better self esteem, lead our kids by example and express to the world how we feel about our selves. Hey world I"m hear and I deserve to be seen and acknowledged. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

P2 Fashion: Shopping Ted Baker Spring 2014 Florals

Trying on a Ted Baker Spring 2014 dress for my daughter's 1st b-day 
 Dear Ted Baker,

You had me at yellow, retro 50s dress in 2012. Since then, we've become unseperatble. I can't imagine my closet without you. The rose gold, blush pinks and florals of spring 2014 are making me very happy. And while my baby bump prevents me from buying the ENTIRE collection, I had a fabulous time shopping for a preggers-friendly dress to wear to my daughter's first birthday party. Can't wait to see you again.
Trying on Ted Baker Spring 2014 dress with five-month baby bump

Other bump-friendly options I tried from Ted Baker's Spring 2014 collection 

PS I love you more than Fortum & Mason's Rose Biscuits dipped in clotted cream. And, that's saying a lot! 

Shopping Ted Baker Spring 2014 collection 
I hate buying items I can't wear, so I passed on all of the fashion items below. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children. I hope my son (arriving in late June) understands what mama goes through in order to carry him into this world. Fortunatly, I always find stylish, bump-friendly options when I'm pregnant because there are ALWAYS pretty options. Being pregnant doesn't equal massive layers/covering up. Be pretty. Be fabulous. Always Be Your Best You! Oh, and DON'T wear clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable because that is not good for your baby! 
Ted Baker, Spring 2014
Ted Baker, Spring 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pam’s Picks: Best Oscars Fashion Dresses

I love Hollywood – the legends, the glamour, the mystery and the fashion. And, while I’m disappointed in most leading ladies of our time for their lack of keeping up the allure of glamour in their everyday lives,  – more on this in future posts – at least they bring it at the Academy Awards.

In honor of the 86thAnnual Academy Awards coming up March 2, 2014, here are Pam’s Picks for the Best Oscars Fashion. Tweet @PamelaPekerman and let me know your thoughts.

The Graceful Penelope Cruz is on my list twice because she always brings grace and glamour to the Oscars, plus I’m a sucker for trains. First, in 2007, she wowed in a pink feathered concoction by Atelier Versace. Then, in 2012, she hit the mark in Armani Prive.  
Penelope Cruz in Atelier Versace, 2007 Oscars

Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive, 2012 Oscars
The Iconoclast – Who doesn’t love a rule breaker? Sharon Stone wore her husband’s crisp, white shirt to the Academy Awards in 1998, paired with a lavender, silk Vera Wang skirt.
Sharon Stone in husband shirt and Vera Wang Skirt, 1998 Oscars
The Body Hilary Swank’s body of work was on display in the most luxurious, tasteful way I’ve ever seen. The blue fabric on GuyLaroche’s gown was perfectly draped, rouched and cut in this 2005 Oscars fashion stunner.  
Hillary Swank in Guy Laroche, 2005 Oscars
The Siren Some girls in the media/fashion world say they want to be like Oprah. I wanted to be like Jennifer Lopez.  Not only is she a successful actress and business women, she embodies old-school glamour like no other in our time. Lopez always looks the part of screen siren, and this was exceptionally the case in 2003 when she wore a mint green, one-shoulder, sari-style gown, based on a dress worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis in 1967.
Jennifer Lopez in Vintage Valentino, 2003 Oscars
The Savvy – Long before she was a major A-lister, Halle Berry worked the Red Carpet. (I’ll never forget the lilac, form-fitting Badgley Mischka dress she wore in 2001. I had it hanging on my wall because I wanted a similar look for prom). Then in 2002, she won the Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball, and stunned in an Elie Saab creation that put that designer on the fashion map.

Halle Berry in Elie Saab, 2002 Oscars
The Legend – Iconic style need fades. Liz Taylor plunging violet-colored chiffon dress, designed by Academy-Award winning costume designer Edith Head, could be worn to the 2014 Oscars. But it was Taylor’s own 69-carat diamond necklace, a gift from her husband Richard Burton, that made me place her on my list. When Burton originally purchased the pear-shaped diamond it was set in a ring, "but even for me it was too big," Taylor explained, "so we had Cartier design a necklace."
Elizabeth Taylor in Edith Head, 1970 Oscars 

Friday, February 21, 2014

P2 Beauty: Chipped Nails Are Intolerable, Love Yourself and Stick to Your Beauty Routine

I can't take it any more! Ladies, stop neglecting your nails. 

When you have chipped nail polish, uneven nail lengths and unkempt cuticles you're telling the world "I don't care about myself." "You don't need to look at me!" Is that what you want as your walking billboard? 
A woman with chipped nails is like a man with major body odor - intolerable! 
I know what you're thinking.  

Pamela, I don't always have time to get my nails done. Life is hectic and there are a million other things on my to-do list. 

Or, maybe you're saying: Manicure? I can't allocate money towards that, these days. 

Even worse, maybe you're saying: Why bother. Nobody looks at my hands or any part of me. Frankly, I don't want them to look my way. 
My recently shellaced nails. I missed the salon. 
I get it. No, I REALLY get it. For the past two months, I had no help mid-week with Ilana, a growing belly, restless legs, crazy/dangerous snow storms that kept us indoors, a desire to sleep at 7pm and backlogged work. I didn't go to the nail salon for seven weeks and had to make due on my own. 

I GET IT! Between the hellish hours we keep at work just to ensure we still have a job (What no family dinner tonight? You have to stay at work until 11pm, again?), house errands that never seem to end (Didn't I just do the white laundry? What do you mean we are out of milk?), trying to do right by our husbands/kids/parents (Yes, mom, I really want to come over this weekend, but we have to go grocery shopping, meet with contractors to discuss the new nursery and sleep) .... I'm going to stop because writing it makes me nauseatingly exhausted. 

Even though it's very important to allocate time to yourself and ensure you are looking, and therefore feeling, your best, going to the salon isn't a weekly or even biweekly option. There are several affordable home products and tips to ensure nifty nails. 

TIP 1 - Gelled nails last for 2-3 weeks and you can DIY at home with Red Carpet Manicure. Their Pro Kit ($79) will last for months, maybe even the whole year.

TIP 2 - If you don't want to deal with the gels, Duri nail polish is a personal favorite. Aside from great colors, their top coats make your nails stronger and your cuticles healthy between proper manicures. 

TIP 3 - Afraid your manicurist skills aren't that great? A clear or flesh color hue, like Duri's Linen and Lace ($6), is better than nothing at all. It also helps hide a poor filing job or bitten nails. (PS Try not to bite your nails.)

TIP 4 - In between home maintenance, pamper yourself every few weeks with a proper manicure. It's going to do more fore your self-esteem than your daily cup of coffee from the local deli. 

I'm wishing you a happy and blessed weekend. Take care of those nails and you really are taking care of YOU, YOUR SELF IMAGE and even YOUR LEADERSHIP ROLE FOR YOUR FAMILY. Your husband/partner wants a confident you. Your kids deserve a mommy that loves herself and shows them how to take care of themselves. Everything you do in your beauty/style routine is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself and I REALLY WANT YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF, set a good example for your family and ALWAYS BE YOUR BEST YOU

As always, I welcome your thoughts on this blog. Tweet me #AlwaysBeYourBestYou

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

P2 Lifestyle: Pregnant Girls Cocktail, Plus Repurposing Glass Bottles

I'm indulging in a Pregnant Girls Cocktail.
Fine, no alcohol. But, I want a fabulous glass for my drink!
- Pretty Glass
- Water
- Slice of fresh squeezed lime
- Dash of sparking pomegranate spritz (for added flavor and color)

Sometimes, you just need to have a pretty drink in a pretty glass to kick off the day. 

FYI This glass actually used to contain preserve. I love turning glass containers into unique cups an vases. This particular one contained Braswell's All Natural Chocolate Raspberry Preserve. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds! I got it at HomeGoods for about $4. 

Here are some other products that come in glass containers you can repurpose.  
Make the most of your food/beverage purchases, by giving them new life.

Reuse glass jars for drinking, making your own preserve with custom labels (here's a fun idea from craft store MIchael's), pencil holders or other office organizing, vases, etc. With the later, I love the idea of bunching mismatched glass containers and placing low cut flowers in them. Place three or four, with flowers, on a mirrored tray for added glamour in your bedroom or office. The littlest details can make the brightest impact on your day. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

P2 Family: Sunday Morning with the Baby

How did you spend your Sunday morning? Big hugs to all the mommies who get up early to feed, cuddle, play, educate and adore their little ones. It isn't always easy, but these pictures speak for themselves.



Now, time to shower, put on all my face and body creams, and enjoy a cup of tea. #AlwaysBeYourBestYou and #Smile 

Friday, February 14, 2014

P2 Fashion: Save Your Marriage & Wear Lingerie Everyday, Valentine's Day Isn't Enough

My husband and I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Even when we dated, it was never a special day because the core purpose of Valentine’s Day doesn't make sense to us, especially to me. Why do I deserve only one day of special pampering and attention? Why does he deserve one day of special sex and affection? If you are too busy to acknowledge each other during the year, it’s time to reassess your priorities and your relationship.  

Ladies, why don’t you use the time around Valentine’s Day to take advantage of sales on seductive loungewear and kinky lingerie? If you value your marriage, burn your worn-out, alma mater t-shirt and start sleeping in something with a bit more sex appeal. I’m not suggesting we all need to wear S&M-style outfits to bed or around the house – at least not every night – but if you are only devoting ONE DAY a year to sexuality, you are hurting your self-confidence, and slowly deteriorating your relationship.

Here are some great options for the bedroom.
Boudoir attire - give him something to think about at the office.
Sexy sleepwear - you can show it all off or leave a bit to the imagination.
And, here are some styles to wear around the house. Sweatpants should only be reserved for emergencies. A cozy robe is appropriate occasionally, and only for a few hours in the morning or evening. Ideally, there is something alluring and flag-pole lifting ;) underneath!

Loungewear can be seductive without going overboard. 
Because my husband loves my bottom, leggings are my go-to at home. When I'm feeling the need for extra syncing, I turn to Yummie Tummie.  These leggings are amazing and are great after you give birth as a bonus body huger, in addition to your belly band. ($76)

Figleaves has a great thermal loungewear collection that's flattering, warm and easy to wear even when you're carrying a ten-month-old in your arms and a four-month-old in your belly. ($27-$118)

Layer this red Hanro, Woolen Lace Spaghetti Camisole under a through away cardigan for extra cozyness, and you'll still be showcasing your fabulous body. ($115)

Tanks don't mean cold, when you're wearing Figleaves, Thermal Pointelle Thermal Cami. ($39)

Home attire can be as simple as a pair of leggings and a cotton tank. The key is that you're not hiding your body. Likely, your man loves those seductive curves. Why not show them off? Nothing about any of the above looks is trashy, but it's definitely kicking it up notch from baggy sweats and over sized shirts. I'm also a fan of wrap or faux wrap dresses, which you can layer over leggings if your house runs cold. 

I welcome your comments, as I'm sure you ladies will have a lot to say on this topic. Guys, feel free to chime i, as well. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

P2 Home: What Your Nightstand Reveals About You

(L) My nightstand (R) My husband's nightstand
A person's nightstand can reveal quite a bit about their personality. What are their interests? What are their evening rituals? What or whom matters most to them? Here's a look a my nightstand. Just for fun, I've included my husband's, as well.

Ever since I read it back in 2010, I've kept Eat, Pray, Love by my bed. It's like a Bible I go-to on difficult days. The second book, Bringing Up Bebe, is a great evening read that I still haven't finished after a year. I'm also reading Lean In, finally -- it was in my bag at time of picture. Then, I have my trusted leather, blue journal. For beauty, Lucky Legs by Mama Mio is a must to sooth tired legs in need of major loving, and Noodle and Boo Glowology The Balm hand and foot cream has a dreamy scent that reminds me of my daughter's nursery. I also keep a small enamel elephant and Jay Strongwater pill box where I store my home earrings.

My husband's nightstand has the last two issues of The Economist and a small picture frame of the first movie we saw back in 2002.  
My nightstand says:
"I'm pregnant, love to be pampered and enjoy my own thoughts!"
What's on your nightstand? Leave a comment below or tweet me @PamelaPekerman

Monday, February 10, 2014

P2 Lifestyle: Bump Nest Body Pillow Cures Pregnancy Sleeping Woes

When I was pregnant with Ilana, last year, I slept with four to six different pillows. One pillow went under my belly, one or two went behind my back, and the rest were placed under my feet. I refused to get a body pillow because everything I saw was ugly and didn't prevent me from rolling onto my back. This year, as I await the birth of my son, mama found a better way to sleep
Bump Nest body pillow in Peacock Blue.
Scraps caps from each pillow are made into soft baby beanies,
donated to The Hope Venture and Stitches From The Heart. 
Bump Nest is a body pillow I can actually mold and wrap around my body, so I no longer have to bug my husband to be my wall. The machine-washable case is very soft, which was a concern given that I'm obsessed with sleeping on my uber-lux, Sferra pillow cases. (Beauty sleep is so important; a gal needs all the help she can get to preserve her skin!) In the week since I've started using this pillow, I've had much better sleep and far less complaints about restless legs. Also, my husband, Steve, is VERY happy about being off of pile-on-the-pillows duty.

PS I thought this was also a great time to share my bedroom decor. More details to come later in the week including how you can replicate what I refer to as "modern, soothing, spa style" for the home. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

P2 Fashion: Unique Cartier Engagement Ring

Is this not the most mouth-watering engagement ring ever? My jaw dropped when I saw this Cartier setting. My husband has never been fully satisfied with the setting he created for my original engament ring -- I think it's wonderful. For nearly the entire length of our almost five-year marriage, he's wanted to change it. I'm quite sentamental, so I've refused. Not only that, he wants me to pick what I want and that goes against my core. I know it's quite common for gals to know and strongly hint (sometimes even shop) for their own rings, but I find that boring. 
"Trinity de Cartier" aquamarine & diamond 18K white gold engagement ring,
price upon request, Cartier
So, WHY am I posting this image? While doing research for my monthly style curation project with the HYATT Union Square Hotel New York, a press release led me to a website which led me to another website and finally to this stunner.  
The swirling loops of pave diamonds sing to me. Seariously, I'm hearing Bach in the background and having a major moment. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

P2 Beauty: At Your Doorstep Salon with Glamsquad App

As a busy mom, it's not easy to squeeze in a hair appointment - even when you work mostly from home. I've had to SOS, beg stylists to come to my house at odd hours of the day! Now, my graveling days are over thanks to Glamsquad, a new app that will do for the beauty industry what Seamless Web has done for ordering takeout - make life convenient. 

First, decide on a hair style from their curated menu, created by Glamsquad Creative Director and former former Senior Stylist at Frederic Fekkai Giovanni Vaccaro, Then, plug in your location (currently only offered in NYC and part of Brooklyn), desired time of appointment and credit card information. A 20% gratuity will automatically be added, so there is no need for cash. You can set up an appointment ten days in advance, or as short notice as one hour. Considering the at-your-door, VIP service, pricing is very reasonable by New York standards - blowouts $50, braids $75, up-dos $85-$125.
Selection of hair style options from Glamsquad
Selection of hair style options from Glamsquad
More cities will be added in the near future, as well as additional glam services. 

PS At last week's launch party, I had my favorite sidekick, Ms. Ilana Rose. She was amazing, clapping during the presentation and smiling as mommy got her hair braided. Then, she was all too excited to snatch my swag bag. Fortunately, I don't mid sharing with my princess. 
Ilana watches mommy get glam at Glamsquad launch event
Ilana likes her gift bag