Friday, October 11, 2013

P2 Home: Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

Can you believe Monday is Columbus Day? Before you can blink the holiday season will be upon us. I'm not about to push holiday shopping on you; that's what the retailers are already doing. But, in an effort to calm myself (not going to lie, I've had crazy anxiety over the past two weeks - and I'll blame it on the baby because she'll blame   on me for the rest of my life!) I thought it would be wise to start thinking about hostess gifts. To quote my lovely sister "just have it ready!"  UncommonGoods is one of my favorite  destinations for quirky gifts that always get the "where-did-you-get-that" comment. 
P2 Home - hostess gifts from

Rainbow Hors d'oeurves Set $44 -- I already own this and it's fabulous for fruits, cheese and non-drip appetizers. I'm stressing the obvious "non drip", but i made that new housewives mistake two years ago. 
Slate Cheese Boards with Soapstone Chalk $29  -- Don't you just hate when you don't know what cheese you're about to try? As a hostess, I also sometimes forget what I've places on the plate in my haste to prep and throw away all wrapping. 
Footed Bowl $28 -- With this bowl, everyone will forget you didn't pick up the cake and are just serving fruits.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

P2 Fashion: 1:Face Watch Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When October starts, it's impossible to avoid magazine articles, blog posts and TV segments promoting pink products that promote charities associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Small and mega brands all clamor to support this cause, and, let's face it, hope to catch a little of the media buzz associated with it. I'm not knocking the business strategy or negating that motives aside, the end result is what counts. 

That being said, after a decade of being part of the machine that pushes pink products, this year, I've decide to only promote BCA merchandise that's: a) really cool b) donates 60% or more to a charity and/or c) has a meaningful/personal story.

1:Face Watch is a really simple concept with a sizable impact. Buy a watch, and watch change happen. Currently, they have seven different styles, each associated with it's own charity. The dark pink watch supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization committed to early detection and awareness. For every nine watches sold, one woman gets a much needed mammogram. Know exactly how the money is being spent makes me feel better about the purchase. The tempered glass screen watches retail for $40.