Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faux Fur Gift Guide w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman , FOX Good Day Philly

In honor of Faux Fur Day, I headed to the FOX Philadelphia studios to share some furry gift ideas. This has to be one of the funniest segments I've even done. Oh, and the baby bump got air time - again! This gal is a camera lover, and she's not even fully cooked. 

Enjoy the clip and have a fur-abulous day. Be Fake! Celebrate Faux Fur Day.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Wear Sparkles During The Day, Just Because

Sparkles make any day better and brighter. Today's look is simple, yet stylish - a black canvas which hugs the body, finished off with razzle, dazzle shine. The entire ensemble is under $300 and it's very much MILF in Training approved. Firstly, it's body conscious - check. Secondly, because of the first point, my husband thinks it's hot - double check. Thirdly, it makes me feel confident - sparkling check.

At a time when most women feel the need to slack off, I know better. Pregnancy is the time to preserve the sizzle and sparkle of my relationship because I'd rather make out with my husband than a box of oreo cookies. The stakes are high, my guard isn't down, and I'm keeping is sexy through the home stretch.

On that note... it's almost time for the gym!
Cardigan, Silence+Noise via Marshalls; Boots, Ruthie Davis;
Clutch, Max & Chloe; Tuxedo Shirt, Elizabeth Daniel NY
Love yourself. Respect yourself. Always be your best your best you and NEVER SURRENDER ;). Happy Holidays.

Sequin Cardigans Under $75
Bobeau, $59

Sparkling Clutches Under $50
Nina, $49
Target, $15

Monday, December 24, 2012

Accessorize Your LBD for Any Holiday Party w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman, ABC Houston

Every woman should own the perfect LBD, one that transitions from work to weekend with key accessories. Here's what I shared on the topic with ABC Houston's Patricia Lopez. A detailed shoppers guide follows.

PS Happy Holidays to you and your family! Enjoy the festivities with love, laughter, and style.

The Little Black Dress - look for versatility. The dress should not be too short, too tight or embellished with sparkles, in order to be an ideal fit for work. However, is should have some flair and fun details, so that it shines on the weekend. This Muse dress hits all the marks with the playful peter pan neckline, ruffled bottom and a semi formfitting silhouette. ($156 Muse)

LOOK 1 – Date Night  The inspiration was Audrey Hepburn with an rocken twist via the skull clutch.

-      Black, leather opera gloves ($49 H&M)
-      Layer on pearl necklaces ($8-$20 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Slim Crystal Tiara ($14 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Finish off with finger-skull clutch ($19 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Black pumps (model's own)

LOOK 2 – Office  Make that same dress work appropriate by covering up with layers. 

-      Cobalt blue cardigan ($39 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Belt ($15 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Black tote (Charming CHARLIE)
-      Scarf ($15 Charming CHARLIE)

LOOK 3 – Club Scene In this setting, it's all about shine overload, so go wild with mixed metals and textures.

-      Clutch (Charming CHARLIE)
-      Sparkling bangles ($14.79/each Charming CHARLIE)
-      Metallic pantyhose ($63 Emilio Cavallini from
-      Peep-toe booties (Charming CHARLIE)

LOOK 4 – In-Office Party Forget about ugly holiday sweater and get your festive flair on with broaches or interesting pantyhose. But, don't go overindulge unless you know it's appropriate in your work environment.

-      Oxblood pantyhose ($18.75 Mary Portas & Chanos from
-      Red cluster earrings ($7.97 Charming CHARLIE)
-      Mix/match broaches in a cluster ($ Charming CHARLIE)
-      Oxford shirt ($138 Elizabeth Daniel NY)
-      Black pumps (model's own)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pregnancy Tales: MILF in Training vs Pregnant Slob, Make a Choice

I’m a MILF in Training and proud of it – confident, coiffed, styled and sexy all the way through my belly bump. Pardon my rant, but here goes. I’m sick of seeing so many pregnant (and while I’m already going there, non-pregnant) women looking like a hot mess. Would it kill you to tame your mane, wear something other than sweatpants while running errands, showcase your best asset (trust me, you have one, if not more!!), and for G-d’s sake put on a little rouge? Surely, you can, and you must, find time to get yourself together in the morning!   

I know what you’re thinking, “this bitch is crazy, she has no idea what my life is like, and she has no idea how hard it is to juggle kids/work/family responsibilities/guilt…” Maybe you’re even thinking, “Why bother? My husband isn’t attracted to my pregnant body anyway. What’s the point?” Or “Well, if I had a celebrity budget that allotted for a personal trainer, a nanny and other perks, maybe I could find time to look amazing like Jessica Alba or Gisele Bundchen, but I live in the real world.”
Allow me to confess, I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. However, I grew up with a mom who always – ALWAYS – looked put-together and taught her daughters the importance of looking good and living a beautiful life on any budget. She was a 360degree role model for how a woman should present herself because she knew it was her job to look good - for herself, for my father and for her children. Finances are not an excuse. If you can’t afford a personal trainer or even a DVD, there are plenty of tips online of what you can do at home with commonly-found items like a chair or nothing at all. As for clothing, ladies, I live in T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, occasionally visit H&M and ZARA, and indulge (when it’s a worthy investment) at Bloomingdale's and Saks. There are NO EXCUSES for looking like a slob and not caring. It all comes down to will power and your desire to NEVER SURRENDER your sexuality, sanity and self-esteem.  

The point and the reason for my rant, this blog and every segment I do on TV is that it, your appearance, DOES matter. Personal grooming and style are tools you and I should use on a daily basis to look amazing in order to feel amazing about ourselves. And, when we are pregnant and dealing with crazy pimples, peeing while sneezing (what the F!*K), sciatic nerve-induced limping and sleep deprivation, we can use every ounce of amazing goodness we can grab onto! Moreover, when we feel amazing we are naturally going to be better wives, better role models for our children, and more productive/happier workers. You know damn well that when you have your shit together, you have a whole different outlook on life and the challenges of the day ahead.

I truly care about you which is why I want you to WAKE UP, get angry with me and then realize your midnight craving for cheesecake or lack of desire to combat stretch marks, isn’t doing you any good.

As I sit here typing at 2:30am because my baby girl is kicking so hard I can’t sleep, I see two choices before us pregnant gals:  MILF in Training or Pregnant Slob. It’s harsh, but that’s the reality of the situation and there is no middle ground.
As always, I welcome your comments.  Something tells me you’ll have a lot to say.

Pregnancy Tales: Hitting the Gym - Never Surrender

Hitting the gym. Leading by example. No excuses. Most definitely aiming to be in the MILF in Training club. Must be beach ready for St. Lucia, come January. Celebrities aren't the only ones who can look fabulous with a baby bump. See my inspiration, below.
Victoria Beckham

Kourtney Kardashian

 Gisele Bundchen
 Gisele Bundchen

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fashion Fix: Tunics While Pregnant, Under $100

Style always matters. You know my motto: looking good makes you feel good. And, I love feeling good and confident about my appearance because it makes me a better leading for my team and a more pleasant  (not to mention sexy) wife for my hubby.

While pregnant, I've come to adore tunics. They accomplish three points every pregnant  woman seeks in her wardrobe: style, comfort and ease.  That last point "ease" is crucial. We have enough on our plates, so we like when our fashion isn't fussy. Pop a tunic over leggings or jeans and off you go. Best of all, you can wear them after you're pregnant. Maximize that CPW - cost per wear.  

Yesterday, I wore a gorgeous tunic from Ted Baker, which I purchased at Bloomingdale's. The scalloped details sold me.

Here are some tunics you and your belly will adore. All styles are under $100.
Forever 21, $22 - The loose belt easily places above belly, and off to work you go.
Three Dots, $57 -This would look phenomenal with metallic jeans!
Riller & Fount, $42 - Draped anything is my pregnancy secret.
Forever 21, $22 - Nix the belt, until after birth.
ASOS, $66 - Hello, third trimester.
 resort ready
 ASOS, $66 - This i sthe color for holiday dress-up.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jennifer Garner, Mom Style For Less

Do you love heels? I do! But, I also want to look like I belong when I’m strutting through the park with my baby girl. In an effort to prepare for a fashion-award worthy motherhood, and not surrender my sense of style and sanity, (Note to all: burn ugly sweatpants!) I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ensembles from celebrity moms and moms on the street.
First up, the adorable Jennifer Garner, mom to Violet, Samuel and Seraphina. Her casual, LA look is perfect for a stroll in the park, picking up the kids from school, or running errands. Swap in a clutch and peep-toe pumps and you’re ready for the night.
Jennifer Garner, Stylish Mother of Three
Blazer, SheInsider $47 / Tank, The Row $90 / Shorts, Delia's $15

Necklace, Brooks Brothers $34 / Rollable Flat, Yosi Samara $66

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mom to Be GIFT GUIDE, What Every Pregnant Woman Needs

What should you get for the girl who will be the mother of your child, the producer of your grandchild, the carrier of your family tree? ANYTHING she wants ;). To narrow down the list, here are some suggestions of what us belly-barring ladies will like for the holidays (or any day, for that matter).

Spa Day or Massage - In case you haven't noticed our tossing and turning at night, pregnancy is kicking our butts. Help us destress with a pampering spa day or individual massage. We'll come back happy, stress free and probably frisky!
Hint for men: Ask other women in your area about good maternity-specific spas, or spas that have pre-natal services. It's important that this place has a team that is well trained in dealing with moms to be. **Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure massages, or other services, are safe.
Hint for my husband: I've heard Edamame Spa in NYC is a dream.

Lingerie - She wants to feel sexy and she wants to know that you still think of her as a sex bomb.
Hint for men: Look for items that are loose, but see through. Also, pick a color that compliments her skin tone. Likely, it's a color she wears all the time. Try Embroidered Eyelet Babydoll from Victoria's Secret or the Lacey Babydoll from Frederick's of Hollywood.
Hint for my husband: Not going to lie, he needs no hints in this department :).

Colors Jeans - Jeans are really the only clothing item that pregnant gals need to buy from a maternity collection. In addition to having a classic wash, get a fun colored options in Pantone's 2013 go-to shades of aquatic greens and blues, like these 7 For All Mankind Slimm Illusion Colored Skinny Jeans in Lagoon
Hint for men: Most denim brands now have a maternity offering, so sneak into her closet and see what brands she loves. While you're there, check the size. Most of us can still wear the same size or a size up. When in doubt, ask her mother or best friend.  
Hint for my husband: I'm a 26.

Personal Trainer - We want to feel sexy and be our best, but hitting the gym on our own is hard on a normal day, let alone when we're carrying extra weight. A personal trainer can help show your gal what she can safely do during her pregnancy. If you can't splurge on a trainer for the duration of the pregnancy, gifting four or five sessions is still a nice treat. An even more affordable option is getting her a membership to For $2/day, a trainer will work around her schedule and needs, while providing valuable support and feedback 24/7.  **Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure exercising is safe.

Shoes - With shoes, you don't have to worry about size and she doesn't have to worry about fit.  If you're going for a high heel, look for ankle support and/or a thicker heel to help with balance. 
Hint for men: Some gals retain excess water, making feet swell. If this is the case with your wife, get her a handbag.

Babymoon - Especially if you are expecting your first child, now is the time to take a vacation. It's never going to be just about the two of you, once the baby comes. However, now is the time to set a pattern of committing to each other. Your baby is important, but your intimacy should never suffer. Enjoy some R&R and don't forget to keep is spicy and sexy, even after the baby arrives ... it may just get you another babymoon.
**Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure traveling is safe.
PS I'm off to Viceroy Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, come January. I'll be sharing videos of this amazing resort, in between  enjoying some tea and doing NOTHING.

Maternity Photo Session - We love taking photos, and now is no exception. Preserve this beautiful moment in time with a maternity photo session. If  you live in NYC, I love the work of Michael Kormos.  
Hint for men: Dad-to-be can get into a few of the images, but of course it's all about us.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pregnancy Tales: Shopping for Herve Leger, Be the Sex Bomb with a Belly

What can I say? I'm addicted to Herve Leger, as you may know from the amount of times I've worn various skirts and dresses in the last month, alone. (psss Follow me on Instagram for daily style pics.) 

With month five right around the corner, size xxs isn't going to cut it - its going to cut my circulation! So, I popped into BCBG on 40th and 5th Avenue, which has their Herve Leger brand upstairs. Fortunately, there was a 40% off sale going on. I never pay full price; even with wacky pregnancy hormones and the desire to stay sexy, I'm not about to pay retail. Eek - retail.
Watch the video and remember, pregnant or not, you need to always be your best you. Right now, that means MILF in Training ;). What, yes, I went there! Can someone get me a "MILF in Training" t-shirt?  

If you believe, as I do, that maintaining your sexuality during pregnancy is essential because the alternative is a loss of intimacy, sanity and self-esteem, leave me a comment and tell me how you did it/are doing it. 


Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Decor Nursery Trends 2013

As a style reporter on behalf of BETTER TV, I had a chance to be on the other side of the microphone to get a first-hand scoop on the hottest nursery trends from the founders of My mommy mojo was in full force, as I believe my role goes beyond instilling good manners, a value in education, etc. It's also my job to lead by example and show my children that personal style and decor is imperative to leading a happy, "Be Your Best You" life. What better place to start teaching style than a nursery room?

For 2013, it's all about chevron prints, global influences and gray. I'm thrilled about that last bit, as I'm planning to have a gray/yellow/white theme for my baby girl.

PS Check out Pintrest for my Baby Decor board.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pam Tube: Pregnancy Tales in Video ... Here We Go

I'm about to do something scary and beyond my comfort zone. You've seem me on TV, perhaps you follow me on Twitter or have seen me quoted in your favorite magazine. I love being in/working in the media, but here goes something new and epic ... sharing unedited videos about the trials of being a full time entrepreneur and a full time lab experiment (aka mom to be). The first two videos were taken last week, which was jam packed with TV shoots, new segment bookings, sample pulls, meetings, and 2013 planning.

I welcome your comments, as always.