Monday, March 31, 2014

P2 Family: Making a Birthday Hat and other Crafty Mom Musings

DIY cone hat for my daughter's 1st Birthday Party
In theory, I love to DIY. In reality, I don’t have the patience for reading long how-tos. Consequently, I wing-it, often times making the crafting process much harder. Now, I’m very artist – a gift I acquired from my late father. He could draw anything. (Side note: Let’s just say my elementary school projects were legendary.) But, I digress.
When my daughter was born, I had all these lofty ideas of what to make for her room, what to make for memories sake, what to make for the grandparents, etc. Many suggestions were shot down by my non-DIY loving husband. Many ideas never materialized because I didn’t allocate the time needed to properly create something, anything. This was going to change with Ilana Rose’s birthday approaching April 4th. I was determined to make a 1st Birthday Party Hat.
I spend about $300 on supplies because I couldn't make up mind mind, and 
I needed basic crafting supplies. Don't worry, $250 of it is going back. 

With a vague idea of what I might need (see above about winging it), I heading to Michaels. The results are documented below. The memories are emblazoned in my heart. This wasn’t just about crafting, it really was about slowing down for two hours, Friday morning, and thinking about the past year as a new mom. I savored every minute of the cutting, folding, and gluing … and then Ilana woke up for her morning nap. Friday night, after dinner, I spent another thirty minutes wrapping up the project.
  • Foam paper
  • Craft paper
  • Ribbons, pompoms, stickers, anything else that catches your eye at the craft store that might work as décor accents (a good return policy is essential, if you like to play with options!!)
  • Faux flowers
  • Glue stick, scissors, staple gun
  • Downloadable cone shape

  • Download a cone hat shape. Print and cut out the shape.
  • Decide on color scheme or theme. Mine was soft yellow, blush pink and Champaign (because I couldn’t find rose gold products). In keeping with our English garden, Tea Party theme, I wanted everything to feel romantic and elegant.
  • Trace the cone shape on the foam and cut out the shape. I used foam as my base for the hat.* You can use it as the main hat and skip additional layering and gluing. (* Next time I'll use thicker stock paper, as foam is a bit trick and way too thick when you glue one end of the cone to the other.)
  • Trace the cone shape onto the back of your craft paper, but don’t cut it out.
  • Make slip cuts along the curved edge of the cone shape, on your craft paper. This helps make the final look neater.
  • Glue the craft paper to the foam. Press and hold as you go, to get a permanent stick.
  • If you are planning to have pompoms, feathers or other items at the tip of the cone, cut out a small bit from the top of your (still flat) cone hat.
  • I used faux flowers as my ‘cherry on top’. Simply cut off the stem, leaving about an inch to wrap with strong tape and a rubber band.** (**I loved the look of the flowers, but next time I need something lighter. The weight was too much for my daughter's precious little head. I'll explain in an upcoming post about the dos/don'ts of baby photo shoots! You live and learn.) 
  • Because my hat was rather thick and the flower ‘cherry on top’ was a pinch heavy, it was easier to warp and glue the cone with the ‘cherry on top’ flowers already being held inside vs. sticking them in after the cone was all glued. (However, I may try that the next time. Much like motherhood, I’m learning as I go.)
  • I couldn’t find a pre-made number 1 that matched my color scheme, so I cut it out (using stencils – which isn’t winging-it, but I could heard my husband’s voice in my head and I knew stencils were the way to go).
  • Decorate away. I purchased beautiful stickers from the Martha Stewart Crafts collection, to make life easier.
  • To make her name stand out, I cut a strip of thick, yellow paper and made a band around the hat. The paper needs to be cut in the same degree as the cone, otherwise you will not get an even strip look. Math hasn’t been my strong suit in years, so eyeballing it/winging it meant this step took longer than necessary.
  • In order to hide the tiny gap created on the back of my really thick hat, I added a bird slip. J Birds = garden = tea party. It makes thematic sense.
  • Rather than use wire, which would have held the hat on my daughter’s head a heck of lot better during our photo shoot (more on that later), I opted for pretty yellow lace. Cut two equal pieces long enough to tie a bow around the neck. Attach one on each end with staples. Hide the staples with décor. I used flower stickers.
  • Marvel in your glory. 

Faux flowers = My version of the "cherry on top" pompom for a birthday hat.
I knew the bird clips would come in handy!! Also, note to other
wanna-be DIYers: any "error" can be craftly corrected.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

P2 Beauty: IT Cosmetics New Products Spring 2014 & Why this is the Best Beauty Brand On The Market

This is my everyday face which takes less than 2 minutes.
If you can't find 2 minutes for yourself, we need to talk!
1. Tightline Full Lash Length Mascara Primer
2. Eyelift in a Tube
3. Airbrush blush stain, Sweet Cheeks
Feel The Moment anti-aging primer serum
I've been refereed to as "the human potpourri". If a beauty item comes to the office, I'll try and likely use it until the product runs out. I've enjoyed some products more than others, but mostly I didn't have any loyalty in the cosmetics category (or facial care, for that matter). But, that all changed this past June when I was introduced to IT Cosmetics

IT (Innovative Technology) Cosmetics, rocks my world because it actually delivers everything that is promised on the packaging.  The proof was when, in typical "use whatever makeup you have" style, I grabbed the IT cosmetics items I received the previous day at a press preview, put on my face, and flew to London for a romantic weekend getaway. After not reapplying makeup for about 14+ hours, I woke up looking fresh, not flaky. For the next four days I marveled at the quality of the Buy Buy under eye concealer, the lip/cheek stain (which saves so much time) and the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in light.

The beauty of IT Cosmetics is that the owner, Jamie Kern Lima, works with plastic surgeons to create products that have anti-aging components, so you're looking beautiful today while thinking about tomorrow. Also, unlike most beauty brands, IT doesn't churn out dozens of new products. If it's not right, it's not coming out. 

Speaking of NEW products, they just launched two new products which are already part of my everyday routine: Feel the Moment serum and Eyelift in a Tube. 
1. Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette
Airbrush blush stain, Sweet Cheeks
3. Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush
4. Celebration Foundation Illumination, light
5. Feel The Moment anti-aging primer serum
6. Maybelline Great Waterproof Mascara (affordable classic I can't give up yet)
7. Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream
8. Tightline Full Lash Length Mascara Primer
9. Eyelift in a Tube
10. No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, brown
Feel The Moment is an anti-aging, hydrating serum that's like a spa in a box.  Using just a mini drop -  a VERY small amount - I put this on in a circular motion (which stimulates the skin) over my Naturapathica Calendula Essnetial Hydrating Cream every morning which locks in the moisturizer and creates o poreless, airbrushed skin effect. The smell of the jojoba is soothing and a great way for me to have a "meaningful me moment" before I go on to take care of everyone else in my world! A minute or two after application, I apply my at-home/casual face or my TV face (see above). $38 
IT Cosmetics, Feel The Moment anti-aging primer serum
Eyelife in a Tube is the updated version of my beloved Buy Buy Under Eye Concealer because it also has a Hello Light Liquid Brightener. Hello fabulous! This is also one of my everyday must-use items because it's a fast way to fix the face even if you just have a minute to yourself, in the morning. Yes, you should wear this around the house even if it's just you and the baby! I enjoy feeling pretty and knowing I'm doing something nourishing for the delicate skin under my eyes thanks to the hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, antioxidants and drops of light technology (the latter only found in IT Cosmetics). I use the Neutral/Medium. $29
IT Cosmetics, Eyelift in a Tube
Check out the companies co-founder, ultimate IT Girl and former TV anchor Jamie Kern Lima in her next QVC appearance, today, March 25, 2014 at  9PM EST. A full hour show follows on March 26th at 2AM. 
Tightline Full Lash Length Mascara Primer is now waterproof (doubles as
eyeliner when in a time crunch!) ;
Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream just a smidgen for the whole face
and you'll be transformed, transported and transfixed by your beauty

Thursday, March 20, 2014

P2 Lifestyle: Five Stylish and Zen Ways To Channel Spring, Happy Spring Solstice

Happy Spring! Wait, it's actually sunny today and above 40 degrees. I'll take it! Us East Coaster are ready for the new season and I'm jumping in full force with a little decorating and style changes, and playful R&R.

Here's how I'm celebrated spring solstice:

1. Holding my belly and dancing to Pharrell  "Happy" song. I'll have to have the hubby take a picture tonight.  

2. Swapping out my living room pillows for something a bit more yellow and joyful. I love these from the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler collection for JCPenney. This man can do no wrong and these prices make me very, very, sunshine happy. 
Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler for JCPenney = happy living room
3. Making sure the hubby comes home today with fresh flowers. A few more calls to the office should do the trick!
Peonies are such a delicate flower, and a great way to welcome spring
4. Shopping for a pink coat - I've been seeing so many and it's such a mood lifter.

1.ASOS Vintage Cocoon Coat, $207
Cesinala Wool-Cashmere Coat, $417
CHAREX Wool Coat, $54
1. REISS Regale Mandarin Collar Coat, $500
ASOS Skater Coat with Zip Front, $141
5. Heading for a walk in the park with my daughter. It's 5pm and this mama needs to go play with her munchkin. 

Happy Spring. Enjoy and embrace the sunshine, ideally while wearing cute shoes ;-). 

P2 Fashion: Eureka by Christos Garkinos launch on HSN

Eureka by Christos Garkinos launches on HSN, March 20, 2014
One of the best parts of my job is meeting interesting, and often very animated, people. On Tuesday, after my jewelry segment, I had the pleasure of chatting with the delightful Christos Garkinos co-owner of the Decades boutiques in Los Angeles, California.
Socializing with Chritos Garkinos 
Today, the man affectionately referred to as "the Robin Hood of fashion" can add HSN designer to his long list of titles. At 11PM EST tonight, Christos will go live on HSN with Eureka by Christos Garkinos, a collection steeped in his Greek heritage, passion for old Hollywood glamour and a little Sophia Loren obsession. (We have the later two in common, and I would mind if it was all three!)

When he got his first credit card, I love that Christos maxed it out on bedding from HSN. From our conversation, it was clear he has always wanted to do a collection for the home shopping giant.

Eureka by Christos Garkinos "Garcelle" Striped Sweater for HSN

Eureka by Christos Garkinos contains a cropped jacket in boucle, a column dress, a peasant blouse inspired by Sophia Loren and other easy-to-wear pieces that even allow my current baby bump body to shine! My favorite item is a nautical style knit sweater. For those who aren't thrilled with wearing horizontal lines, these are very soft and flattering. Try it! Layer the sweater over a bikini top and pair with white shorts on the weekend. For work, layer over a flesh-color tank top and pair with a white denim pencil skirt. It's a versatile item that will help you Always Be Your Best You!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

P2 Fashion: Oscars Jewelry Trends for Less w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman, Live from The Couch WLNY

It was great to be back on The Couch with my friend Carolina and formally meet the lovely Jill Nicolini. In case you missed the 8:30AM  segment, here's a shopper's guide to all the jewelry on the table. 

Sometimes a little sparkle is all you need to lift your mood and smile at the world, so have fun with you baubles and indulge in these trends. They are perfect accessories for prom, a summer wedding, or a just-because-it's-Monday.

Awards Season Red Carpet Jewelry Trends for Less

HEADBANDS – romantic rhinestone headbands from JCPenney  
Lupita Nyong'o in Fred Leighton Headband, Headband Trend

Vieste Rhinestone Headband $20

Vieste Rhinestone Floral Vine Headband, $25

Vieste Simulated Pearl and CrystalHeadband,  $20

Viesta Rhinestone Swivel Headband, $20 at JCPenney Stores


FEMININE TONES & STONES – delicate florals and cream shades from 
Cate Blanchett in Chopard Earrings, Feminine Tones & Stones Trend
Angel WingedCuff$36

Corona Collar Necklace$36

Jumbo Bloom Necklace$36

Prettyin Pink Studs$24

minty fresh and clear jewelry from Lia Sophia 

Nestled Earrings$48

Glazed Cut Crystal and Resin Bangles$78 each

Fondant Cut Crystal Resin Necklace$148


GOLD RUSH – golden treasures from  

Naomi Watts in Bvlgari bracelet, Yellow Gold Trend

Tri-colorGold over Bronze 18-inch Large Link Necklace$103.99

Mondevio 18k Gold over StainlessSteel Filigree Design Cuff Bracelet, $22. 09

EAR CUFF / CLIMBERS -  Ear climbers from  
Jennifer Lawrence in Ana Khouri earrings, Ear Cuff & Climber Trend
Ultimate CZSterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 2-pair Earring Set, $48.99

Ultimate CZ18k Gold over Silver Cubic Zirconia 'X' and 'O' Earring Set$47.59

Edgy Ear Cuff from  

CrystalOrion Ear Cuff$28

ARM CANDY – inspired by Jennifer Lawrence at Golden Globes, load up on black and crystal from  
Jennifer Lawrence in Neil Lane bracelets, Arm Candy Trend

RiccovaSilvertone Cubic Zirconia and Colored Enamel Bangle in black, $42.99  

RomanSilvertone Jet Crystal Rectangle Stretch Bracelet$14.09

CelesteSilvertone Clear Crystal Beaded Black Cord Macrame Bracelet$27.99

art deco and blue arm candy party from Lia Sophia $48 - $98

Golden bangles and cuffs from

Thursday, March 13, 2014

P2 Fashion: Cate Blanchett's Chopard Earrings 2014 Oscars

Image courtesy of Chopard
Cate Blanchett's Chopard earrings took my breath away. Hands down, this was the best jewelry moment of the entire awards season! 

The 18kt white gold earrings are from Chopard's 2014 Red Carpet Collection. There are 62 opals (that's 22.03ct !) and 1595 diamonds (1.73ct). If you are in the market for new earrings feel free to call 1-800-CHOPARD. As my friends as Chopard so kindly told me, the price is available upon request. My response what, "do I dare request". Hmmm?!!

P2 Fashion: Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends

Happy National Jewelry Day! 

It may feel like five degrees Fahrenheit here in New York City thanks to viscous winds, but there's no better way to inject some spring fever into your day quite like jewelry. Here's a round up of some of my favorite jewelry trends for the upcoming season.

For more Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends and the chance to win amazing baubles from +Max and Chloe, join me for tonight's  National Jewelry Day Twitter Party at 7pm EST / 4pm PST. I'll be sharing trends, celebrity looks for less and, of course, giveaways, with my friend Malorie Kaye of Cameo PR. 

Chat with you soon. 
Iridescent Tones, Spring 2014 Jewelry Trend

(From upper left going clockwise)

Stefanie Somers Collection California Clip-On Earrings  $218

Dara Ettinger Gold And Druzy Mimi Double Ring $188


Yellow Gold, Spring 2014 Jewelry Trend

(From upper left going clockwise)

Blu Bijoux Gold Triple Chain Necklace $40

Seraphina Gold And Amethyst Cuff $99

Orange Hues, Spring 2014 Jewelry Trend

(From upper left going clockwise)

Blu Bijoux Coral Enamel And Gold Arrowhead Earrings $26

Evocateur Red Coral Cuff $338

Sandy Hyun Orange Pyramid Stud Ring $65

LaLucca Neon Orange Andi Cuff Bracelet $85

Blu Bijoux Tribal Horn Necklace $18


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

P2 Fashion: National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with Max and Chloe

Don't you love the holidays? It's a reason to dress up, get together with friends and socialize. With National Jewelry Day coming up this Thursday, I thought we should celebrate!

Join me and my freind Malorie Kaye, president of Cameo PR, as we host a National Jewelry Day Twitter Party spotlighting the latest spring 2014 jewelry trends, celebrity look for less style, radiant orchid and other key colors for spring, plus share some of the hottest new designers available at

Here are all the details:

WHAT: National Jewelry Day Twitter Party with @MaxandChloe 

WHO: hosted by @PamelaPekerman and @CameoPR

WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 7-8pm EST/4-5pm PST

HOW: Follow @PamelaPekerman @CameoPR and @MaxandChloe on Twitter, and join the conversation with #MC4JewelryDay hashtag.

Make sure to follow us and use #MC4JewelryDay hashtag for a chance to WIN JEWELRY from +Max and Chloe

Malorie and I will be tweeting away trends, and we also want you to ask us questions and get advice on what to wear for your upcoming prom, wedding or other social soiree. 

Plus, I'll share a sneak peak of what you can expect during my upcoming Live From The Couch segment featuring 2014 Oscars jewelry trends for less, airing March 18, 2014.

Monday, March 10, 2014

P2 Fashion: Spring 2014 Accessories, Pam's Picks in BELLA NYC Magazine

March/April issue Bella NYC Magazine
The March/April issue of BELLA NYC Magazine is out, and I love the sleek redesign and the powerful cover model, Bellamy Young, from +Scandal. Any other Scandal fans out there? With a simple glance, does Young not make this show worth watching?
Pam's Picks in March/April issue BELLA NYC Magazine
While enjoying the magazine, which highlights my friends Lara Eurdolian of and Angela Gilltrap of as part of the “Slamming Six” bloggers, spend some time on page 46 for the latest installment of Pam’s Picks. This month it’s all about women who launched luxury accessory business in their layer years, proving it’s never too late to follow your passion.

Whether they were stay-at-home moms or switched careers, these women followed their passion and are enjoying their second acts in the dazzling world of fashion accessories. Get inspired by their courageous, entrepreneurial leaps of faith.

Designs by Millo Jewelry featured in Pam's Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Colette Jewelry 
Colette jewelry featured in Pam's Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Jill Haber Handbags
Jill Haber handbags featured in Pam's Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Coye Nokes Shoes

Coye Nokes shoes featured in Pam's Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Next month, Pam’s Picks for +BELLA NYC MAGAZINE highlights the latest beauty and fashion destinations in NYC that truly give you no excuses for Always Being Your Best You! Really, these hot spots make it easy to look good and, therefore, feel fabulous.