Friday, October 11, 2013

P2 Home: Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

Can you believe Monday is Columbus Day? Before you can blink the holiday season will be upon us. I'm not about to push holiday shopping on you; that's what the retailers are already doing. But, in an effort to calm myself (not going to lie, I've had crazy anxiety over the past two weeks - and I'll blame it on the baby because she'll blame   on me for the rest of my life!) I thought it would be wise to start thinking about hostess gifts. To quote my lovely sister "just have it ready!"  UncommonGoods is one of my favorite  destinations for quirky gifts that always get the "where-did-you-get-that" comment. 
P2 Home - hostess gifts from

Rainbow Hors d'oeurves Set $44 -- I already own this and it's fabulous for fruits, cheese and non-drip appetizers. I'm stressing the obvious "non drip", but i made that new housewives mistake two years ago. 
Slate Cheese Boards with Soapstone Chalk $29  -- Don't you just hate when you don't know what cheese you're about to try? As a hostess, I also sometimes forget what I've places on the plate in my haste to prep and throw away all wrapping. 
Footed Bowl $28 -- With this bowl, everyone will forget you didn't pick up the cake and are just serving fruits.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

P2 Fashion: 1:Face Watch Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When October starts, it's impossible to avoid magazine articles, blog posts and TV segments promoting pink products that promote charities associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Small and mega brands all clamor to support this cause, and, let's face it, hope to catch a little of the media buzz associated with it. I'm not knocking the business strategy or negating that motives aside, the end result is what counts. 

That being said, after a decade of being part of the machine that pushes pink products, this year, I've decide to only promote BCA merchandise that's: a) really cool b) donates 60% or more to a charity and/or c) has a meaningful/personal story.

1:Face Watch is a really simple concept with a sizable impact. Buy a watch, and watch change happen. Currently, they have seven different styles, each associated with it's own charity. The dark pink watch supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization committed to early detection and awareness. For every nine watches sold, one woman gets a much needed mammogram. Know exactly how the money is being spent makes me feel better about the purchase. The tempered glass screen watches retail for $40.   

Friday, September 27, 2013

P2 Lifestyle: Picasso, Warhol and Dali Selfies

At some point in college, I thought it would be a great idea to become a museum curator, but I settled on a few art history classes. I fulfill my art craving with trips to museums and flipping through the pages of The Story of Art, which, hands down, is the best art book ever. What Gary Vaynerchuk did for wine enthusiast with The Wine Library, The Story of Art  does for art lovers. It entertains and educates without talking down to you.

While flipping through the pages the other night, I realized Instagram did not create the selfie, it just revitalized the art of self portraits. Here are a few artists that know a thing or two about selfies. I'm fascinated by the different styles, colors and diffusion of reality they use. What does it say about the artist's mindset at the time? What does it say about the viewer who, likely, is interjecting her own thoughts into the interpretation. Food for thought. Now, off to take a selfie. Check them out on my Instagram page

P2 Lifestyle - Who Created The Selfie? Picasso, van GoghRembrandt 
P2 Lifestyle - More selfies Salvator Dali, Andy Warhol & Frida Kahlo 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pam's Pick: Customized Art for Nursery, Kiddie Designs

My daughter’s nursery room still needs some accessories, namely art. Rather than put up safari animals, butterflies or stars, I want to give her something she’ll enjoy for years to come. Is it wishful thinking to believe she’ll be a sentimental moosh, like her mom?

Here’s a painting that my friend Tracy, owner of Kiddie Designs, made for me. It’s a coral, Capricorn goat with big lashes and stilettos! Each section of the goats body and horns have words that represent my personality – “serious” “elegant” “sincere” “calm” “her own strength” “love & respect” and “modesty.

For Ilana, I’ve ordered an Aries ram in yellow that will be wearing a replica of the “חַי‎” (Hebrew for living) necklace I wear every day. It belonged to my father and I want to strengthen his presence in her life by incorporating him into her room. Lastly, I asked Tracy to wear in roses for Ms. Ilana Rose! I can’t wait to share the final product.
Pam's Pick - 9.25.13

Monday, September 23, 2013

P2 Fashion: Best Dressed at 65th Primetime Emmy Awards 2013

In between feeding Ilana cereal (which has been very thrilling and neater than expected!) and her evening milk, I was able to watch and tweet through most of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet arrivals. Here are my top 5 looks of the night. Do you agree?

Michelle Dockery’s two-tone Prada gown in red satin and burgundy silk brought down the house. The look was completed with a red clutch from Prada and Fred Leighton jewels. It was great from the front and bow-tastic back. Careful, ladies, the British are coming, and they are stealing your style spotlight.  
P2 Fashion - Michelle Dockery, Prada
Kaley Cuoco looked lovely in a sheer bodice with boning gown from Vera Wang in burgundy, the color of the night. The tulle skirt accented by organza scalloping created that drama I look for in my stars. 

Kate Mara’s white J.Mendel dress is straight from the spring 2014 runway. It has a cool factor that only an it girl like Kate can pull off. On the runway, the model wore the dress with a bolder, coral lip, which I think works better than Kate’s pale pout. Also, I would prefer to see this dress with a pump versus an ankle strap which visually makes the wearer (unless she's a 6-foot-tall model) look shtumpy.   
P2 Fashion - Kaley Cuoco, Vera Wang; Kate Mara, J. Mendel
Anna Gunn wowed in a black lace, asymmetrical bodice with soft pink bottom from Romona Keveza. Her huge Irene Neuwirth 18k Rose Gold earnings set with lightening ridge opals, pink opals and diamonds were a perfect choice for this elegant dress.   

Sophia Verga in ravishing red lace - fabric of choice at the Emmys - from Vera Wang has to be on this list because more than anyone else, she conjures up old-school Hollywood glamour like nobody else in the TV world. Those curves, that attitude and those accessories! Naturally, I’m referring to her ruby, sapphire and emerald earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. They deserve their own zip code
P2 Fashion - Sophia Vergar, Vera Wang; Anna Gunn, Romona Keverza

Friday, September 20, 2013

P2Fashion: T.J.Maxx Launches E-Commerce, Exclusive Scoop

When news broke, yesterday, that T.J.Maxx quietly launched online shopping, I shed a tear. Could it be that my beloved off-price retailer of choice was now going to not only distract me on the way home, but also provide an e-commerce destination that is destined to keep me away from my daily to-dos? So, I called up my gals over in Framingham, MA to get the 411. Here’s my exclusive interview with Doreen Thompson Vice President, Corporate Communications.

Pamela Pekerman: How often do you plan to update merchandise online?
Doreen Thompson: Just like shopping our stores, new finds arrive almost daily, so make sure to shop and your favorite store for the best selection.

PP: You don’t have to tell me twice. I’ve already placed over $1200 in my shopping cart.
DT: That’s amazing.

PP: Amazingly addictive! I can’t wait to see how this site evolved. Speaking of which, do you plan to add flash sales, a happy hour special, in the future?
DT: From time to time, we do plan to offer unique or limited time only product offerings that will be featured as a MaxxFlash.

PP: What about adding editorial/video/other content to guide online shoppers?
DT: Although we do not offer this feature on our site today, we will continue to evaluate and test new features and functionality over time.

Ladies, maxxinistas, get your clicking fingers ready for the shopping experience of your life. You’ll have to be fast if you want to beat me to these amazing designer deals. See below for items I just scored. For all my clients reading this, please note: if I’m avoiding your calls it’s because I’m doing serious shopping damage. I’ll call you back after I check out. 
P2 Fashion - T.J.Maxx launches e-commerce & I go to town ...
(clockwise from top left: DVF, Notte by Marchesa, DVF, Sachin + Bibi,
Rachel Zoe, JOIE

P2 Family/Kids: Add Swag to Sneakers with Shwings

Sneakers and I just don’t go together. I purchased a pair two years ago when I got a trainer and he said what I was putting on my feet was not going to cut it. So, like a savvy maxxinista, I went to TJMaxx and got a pair for $39.99, obviously.

Fast forward to motherhood …  I used to walk the baby in ballet flats or my neon orange Yosi Samra flip flops (the same ones Sarah Jessica Parker wears, just saying). However, when the baby falls asleep, I now like to squeeze in some stretching, lunges and standing abdominal exercises. This calls for sneaker time.

To add razzle dazzle to my sneaks, I accented with Shwings, decorative wings for your sneakers. Aside from making you feel like a cool mom that doesn't mind laughing and playing with silly fashion, Shwings is an economical way to spruce up old sneakers. OMG. Ladies, I had no idea how much sneakers cost (refer to lines one and two in this post). It’s high-way robbery! Go to an off-price retailer like T.J.Maxx or Marshalls, get a pair of sneakers for $19-$39 and buy some Shwings for your kids. It's a great way for them to personalize their shoes and begin to see the value of style and the joy it brings.

Me and my Shwings can't wait to go for a walk, tonight.  Join us for a healthy, stylish stroll at 6pm EST. 
P2 Kids - accessorizing sneakers with Shwings 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

P2 Fashion: Launch of X by Trollbeads w Jenn Falik and Wayne Scott Lukas

Yesterday morning, despite leaving the house late, getting stuck in traffic and having a fight with the meter machine, I, eventually, had the pleasure of previewing the newest creation from Danish jewelers Trollbeads, X by Trollbeads. Right away, the “X” makes this new collection sound rougher, edgier and younger than its parent. But, the name actually refers to the innovative x links that connect with a simple twist. The result is bespoke bracelets and necklaces that you can customize with high quality silver, bronze, gold and black rubber links.

P2 Fashion - X by Trollbeads Debut Collection, Fall 2013 
I like the stripped down color pallet, allowing for the craftsmanship of each piece to shine through. From musical notes to Zodiac signs, flowers and Greek G-ds, there’s a chance to really get personal and let your jewelry reflect your likes, loves and life. I plan to make three bracelets: one that represents my husband, one that represents my daughter and one that represents me. On each bracelet, I’ll include one link that represents all three of us, thus showing we are all unique, but forever connected as one happy, well-accessorized family.
P2 Fashion - Having fun with Jenn Falik and Wayne Scott Lukas at
X by Trollbeads launch
The event was hosted by my friend, fellow mommy and Style Expert Jenn Falik, as well as Celebrity Stylist Wayne Scott Lucas. Wayne, you’re lucky my hair was up because our locks would have fallen in link love. Hmm, do you think that could inspire a future X by Trollbeads collection? If so, we can split royalties and celebrate while we're getting our hair done!

X by Trollbeads is available in store in more than thirty-five markets globally and online.
P2 Fashion - gifts courtesy of X by Trollbeads.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

P2 Lifestyle: WTF I Need Folders ASAP, BTW I'm Organizationally Challenged TMI

Right before the baby was born, my husband and I gave up our city pad and permanently relocation to our home in the burbs. With that, I lost my city office and tons of space that was all about me and my business. It’s been seven months and my home office is still, well, a work in progress. 

To fully explain the situation, let’s just say my desk overflows onto my sister’s desk (she’s my Event Director) and onto the floor. I have a "Tweet This" table that looks more like a fashion war zone. Personal files, bills, baby paperwork, magazine, business cards, look books …. Arggggggggggggggg. So, you can image why I placed multiple orders for these folders, and other Knock-Knock items. Is it wishful thinking to believe they’ll help?

Reluctantly, and with great shame, I’m posting images of my office, because aside from these folders, I believe the first step is admitting I have a problem … I NEED TO ORGANIZE THIS SPACE ... ideally before my five-month-old daughter goes to college.

P2 Lifestyle - my office needs help
Wait, first I think I need to go on and see if they got in any new headbands … Wait, I also want to go check on the baby and give her a big kiss before her evening walk … Hold up, the phone just rang. It’s my publicist calling to discuss post-Emmys TV opportunities. I gotta take that one. And so it goes ...

Are you organizationally challenged, but willing to change? Let's try to get help together. I'll keep you updated on my progress, no matter how slow it is :). I'm committed to getting my pretty office out of my head and into reality. 

P2 Lifestyle _ Honest Acronym Folders, Knock-Knock

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P2 Fashion: The Boots Make The Look, Tabitha Simmons

In tribute to London Fashion Week and the cold winds that swept into New York, this morning, I pulled out my new Tabitha Simmons boots – an acquisition from my recent romantic getaway to London. The boots are the perfect shade of grey that matches black, white, metallic, blue, red, etc. I love the lace-up details, with the convenience of a zip, side opening. The heels are thick enough to provide excellent balance and comfort, without being too bulky. Lastly, like any great boots, they have leather inner and leather upper lining. If I’m spending over $500, heck over $200, on boots, the inside better be leather, as well.
P2 Style - It's all about the boots and mix material 
The whole outfit was planned around the boots. What can I say, accessories are my passion. How do you plan your outfits? Do start with one key accessory or clothing item? Are you a night before layout the look gal or a morning dressing in a rush gal?

Jacket – Ramy Brook; Jeans – True Religion; Shirt – H&M; Headband – Marie Hayden; Necklace – bebe; Ring – Kelly Wearstler; Bag - Chanel; Boots - Tabitha Simmons

P2 Style - Accessorizing 

Monday, September 16, 2013

P2 Home: Tea Time Equals Magical Moments

Whether you celebrated Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement/ culmination of Jewish New Year) this weekend or not, allow me to wish you a happy rebirth. Fall is the perfect time to reprogram, recharge and re-position your life.  Take this seasonal opportunity to realign, commit to always being your best you and seek to create beauty in every aspect of your life.

On the latter, I’m a pro. For instance, I make tea drinking a divine experience, in my home, because it brings me so much joy. I collect beautiful tea pots, each of which is used for a specific tea, at a specific time of day/week, and even with specific guests. Last night, I enjoyed a light white tea with lavender in a simple white pot, accompanied by rose biscuits from Fortum and Mason.  Tasting the tea while looking at the elegant tea pot is a small token of love I give myself.

My mother has a friend who says that you need to color in your life. I agree! How do you color your life and  make magical moments of beauty?
P2 Lifestyle - my beautiful tea pots create beautiful moments
(Top left going clockwise - 
Richard Ginori Missoni Margherita Teapot; White Elephant-Looking Teapot, HomeGoods; Butterfly Meadow Teapot, Lenox; Bohemian Paisiy Teapot, Caskata

Thursday, September 12, 2013

P2 Wellness: Energy Boosting Fig Pomegranate Salad

I’ve been feeling really tired the past few days; the kind of dragged-through-the-mud-by-a-truck-after-running-a-10k-marathon tried I felt when I was still pumping milk. Granted, I only closed the Milk Factory about two weeks ago, so my body is still adjusting. After days of falling asleep right before dinner, not being able to walk my daughter, Ms. Ilana Rose, in the morning, and moped around this house in a robe without any makeup, I decide to take action and jump back on the ultra-healthy bandwagon I jumped on when Ilana was born. I also needed to jump back on the Always Be Your Best You bandwagon!

On Tuesday morning, after a motivating chat with my mother I got out of bed, washed my face with my beloved Naturopathica Aloe Cleaning Gel, and put on It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Light, Hello Lashes Mascara in black, and their new Lip/Cheek stain which is still not for sale** .  Mentally, I felt a pinch better, and, I STRONGLY believe mental health feeds into physical health! Next step: have lunch.

I wanted to make something with the fresh figs our neighbors gave us on Sunday, because they are an excellent source of fiber (aka energy boost). Figs are also fat, sodium and cholesterol free.  

I hope you try my yummy salad in your kitchen and commit to living your best life. Remember, we can all fall off the wagon. Only the ones that really love themselves and want to live with a Never Surrender mojo, jump back on wearing coral lipstick and killer riding boots!

Figetaboutit Pom Salad
P2 Wellness: Figetaboutit Pom Salad 
4 fresh figs  
1 cup spinach leaves (or as much as you can grab with both hands)
2 tablespoons of crumbled goat cheese
½ avocado
½ pomegranate
¼ cup of crushed walnuts (or pistachio nuts)
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of pomegranate juice
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

1.      Dice up the figs and avocado.
2.      Cut the pomegranate and take out the juicy pits. Careful to not stain your outfit!
3.      Crush the walnuts in your hand. Smaller pieces taste better in the salad.
4.      Mix the spinach, figs, avocado, pomegranate seeds, 1 tablespoon crumbled goat cheese and crushed walnuts in a bowl.
5.      Pour extra virgin olive oil and pomegranate juice into the bowl. Add salt and pepper. Mix.
6.      Place the salad on a pretty plate. How you eat is as important as what you eat, so I’m all about elevating ambiance to enhance the culinary experience. It also puts on smile on your face!
7.      Finish off my sprinkling the remaining 1 tablespoon of crumbled goat cheese on top of your salad. 

P2 Wellness: Figetaboutit Pom Salad, ingredients
**As soon at IT Cosmetics lip/cheek stain is available, i'll be sure to share the scoop.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

P2 Pam's Pick: Family Time, Be Still on September 11th

We all have a story from that day, the day when many of us experienced a loss of innocence never to be regained -- September 11, 2001.

It was my second day of college; I had just parted ways with my mother, on the Q train, as she had a training class in Brooklyn and I had a few more stops until my arrival at NYU. Mine was the last train to go over the bridge. The first tower was already hit and, like most passengers, I assumed a little helicopter had an accident. By the time I got to 14th Street in Manhattan, subway service was halted. I ended up walking down to 4th street and getting in line for the payphone. I was alone, with very few familiar faces, no way of getting home and no way for my parents to come and claim me. Before noon, I still had the option of walking over the bridge back to Brooklyn, but I was petrified that a bomb would hit me. I stayed underground at NYU’s gym facility until I decided to run to 14th street with a few other girls and spend the night at a friend of an acquaintance’s dorm. It was an odd day. I remember being outside watching the towers fall. I remember thinking I was in a movie. I remember falling asleep and dreaming of being home the following day. As you can imagine, this is an abridged version of what happened that day. There were many faces, many frantic phone calls, many rumors, and plenty of heroic moments of kids going to help at Ground Zero or give blood.
As I sit hear listening to the 9/11 Memorial services, I find it difficult to share a Pam’s Pick. Can I really tell you about my favorite lip/cheek stain, today? Do you want to know about the coolest play gym I found for my baby or the coolest, new hotel in NYC?

Life goes on and upkeeping our style and beauty routine can only help us get through difficult times. But, can’t we just stand still? Can we allocate this day as a national day or remembrance? Can’t we have a moment to properly reflect?

So, today’s Pam’s Pick is family. I’m devoting most of my day to my beloved daughter Ilana Rose. We already had a pleasant walk, this morning, and we’ll do play time in the afternoon. In the evening I’m planning a nice dinner for the hubby. Today, obsess over your family a little bit more than usual. Call your grandma one extra time. Give your children one extra kiss. Give you hubby one extra piece of chocolate! And, if you’re blessed to have both your parents, plan to have them over this weekend or do an extended Skype call. And, of course, do it all in mascara; just make sure it's make sure it's waterproof.
Pam's Pick 9.11.13 - Family Time, Stillness, Love, Making Memories

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

P2 Fashion: Harper Ave. Clear Backpacks for the Overexposed Twitter Generation

Backpacks are not only a functional transportation device for school books and supplies. They are an extension of personal style and a way for your children to express their fashionable point of view. For the non-stop texting, what-I’m-eating tweeting, where-I’m-going foursquaring teens today, HarperAve. has the perfect backpack – The Kazuyo. With a stripped down silhouette and clear sides, this bag not only reveals style, but gives a substantial glimpse inside the wearer’s life. Is she taking AP classes, because I see one of those advances text books? Oh, she likes Hello Kitty, because I spy kitty pencils. Is she dating Steven, because I think that’s his picture on the cover of her Memo notepad?  

Whether sleek, see-through, fluorescent or fuzzy, allow your children, even the little ones, to pick out their own backpacks, so that they learn to value individual style. Since they see that you are takingcare of yourself, they too, want to spend the time in the morning grooming their hair, organizing their fabulous backpack and finding the perfect outfit to wear. Always Be Your Best You should be a family motto.

Harper Ave.'s Kazuyo Backpack
With all this talk of school, does anyone else wish they could go back? Let me grab my Cyclades bag (non see through sided; I’m old school) and I’ll meet you in the halls by the 360 lockers. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pam's Pick: Alexandre Birman Python & Suede Pump, Fall 2013

Labor Day has come and gone, the crisp air has swept in, schools start on Monday (at least in NY), and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York kicks off tomorrow. This can only mean one thing: Fall fashion is officially here, and with it comes layers, cozy sweaters, hints of suede, fur vests, felt hats, pantyhose and everything else I love about this glorious season. Oh, did I mention new shoes? Not that this is an excuse to skip your pedicure – Always Be Your Best You! – but, closed-toe, pointy shoes are hotter than ever. This trend has been brewing for about five seasons and this autumn, it’s exploding in every texture and heel height.

I’ve chosen this option from Alexandre Birman as my must-buy shoe for the season icon because it’s a classic you'll turn to for years to come, and yet it embodies all the key flavors of the season – lady-like heel height, pointy toe, contrast toe, animal print/skin and mixed materials. Also, Mr. Birman makes the most comfortable shoes imaginable. I can play tennis in them! 
Pam's Pick 9.5.13 - Alexandre Birman Python & Suede Pump

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pam's Pick: Michael Aram Enchanted Forest Candle Sticks

A journalism professor once told me, that you should always have one amazing line in your article that you absolutely refuse to edit. Well, I believe that tip applies to decorating your home. There should always be one piece that you absolutely have to have in your living space, regardless of the ebbs and flows of style or the physical location and size of your home. For me, that one piece is my Michael Aram Enchanted Forest candle sticks. I find myself moving them to new locations in my living/dining room depending on the season. Each migration gives them, and our home, new life. For the fall season, I've places them on a mirrored tray on top of my class coffee table.

What's your must-have décor item? Is it a new creation or a antique piece from your mother or grandmother? Leave me a comment below and let's talk home décor.

Friday, August 16, 2013

P2 Beauty: Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’aime Fragrance

All great women have signature scents, like Nancy Regan with James Galann’s Galanos and Audrey Hepburn with Givenchy's L'Interdit. I, too, have a commitment to Terry Mugler’s Angel. I began wearing it in my teens, though I know it’s more suitable for the mature, sophisticated set; then again, I’ve always had an old soul. As I actually got older, I’ve found myself wavering a bit, especially during the summers when the nose craves something softer. Well, now, I’ve found my signature summer scent in Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’aime fragrance.

I’ll get to what the official top/bottom notes are, in a second. To me, it smells: captivating, luxurious and playful/soft sexy. (Soft sexy is Sophia Loren vs. Marilyn Monroe, or Eva Longoria vs. Kim Kardashian – no offense to the iconic Marilyn or fabulous Kim, but they put sexy in your face). Back to the perfume …
I would NEVER leave the house, or even my bedroom!, without a little spray, and of course mascara and lip gloss. If you want to be treated like a lady (think Nancy Regan, Audrey Hepburn, again) you need to take care of yourself like a lady.
For those with a nose for scent, here’s the 411: top notes of Bergamot, Neroli and Lime with a sparkling of Coco Essence, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang, leading to a warm base of Vanilla, Myrrh and Sandalwood.

Begging this month and thru, at least, the holiday season, Neiman Marcus will have the exclusive on Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’aime. (888.888.4757)

P2 Beauty: Lolita Lempicka’s Elle L’Aime

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

P2 Fashion: 3 Wardrobe Staples to Help Transition from Summer to Fall

In New York, the first whiff of fall is upon us, with temperatures set to dip below 60degrees, in the evening. If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your summer dresses and tanks with shorts, here are the essential fashion staples you should have on hand for late August.
1)      A leather jacket: If you don’t already own one, skip to your favorite shop and get one in a basic black, chocolate, olive, cream or grey. Better yet, if you find a good deal and a silhouette that speaks to your taste and works with your body, get two! This is an investment-worthy item. Sure, leather is the current fabric of choice, but a good leather jacket is really a perennial classic that should last you a lifetime. Avoid cheap pleather and go real; sorry PITA, not that you like me anyway. Check out Saks Fifth Avenue or spend some time at your favorite off-price retailer like Century 21, TJMaxx or Marshalls. I scored my leather jacket at Filene's Basement, may that store Rest In Peace . . . tears . . . walling . . .

2)      Hosiery: How do I love thee, let me count the ways. I’m old school and could LIVE in some form of hosiery, every single day of the year. If I had it my way, all formal events and corporate offices would ban women from having bare legs. (Ladies, I hear you screaming at me through the monitor. A bare leg, in many settings, is like a home without curtains – it’s unfinished.) For pre-fall, look for sheer plaid/herringbone, flesh-color florals, and soft reds and blues. For legwear, I'm a fan of They carry tons of European, hard-to-find brands.
P2 Fashion - late summer hosiery

3)      Long sleeve cotton shirt: You can layer them under your dress, just be mindful that the shirt doesn’t ride up and create layers under your dress (see last week’s Pam’s Pick) and that the collar of the shirt works well with the collar of the dress. Ideally, you only want the sleeves to be visible. Otherwise collar neckline shirts with collar neckline dress, and vnecks with vnecks.  I get all of mine from H&M because I sweat so no shirt will ever last longer than 1-2years, so why bother spending more than $12.99? The exception are my Elizabeth Daniel NY shirts ($128), which I hand wash. And, in full transparency, even those will not last longer than 3years for me ;(.  

Pam's Pick: Rose Gold Double Snake Necklace

Accessories are the easiest way to take an outfit from special to spectacular, not to mention a fab option for busy moms – yes, I’m talking to you – who want to quickly jazz up a flowy white tank and linen shorts (my summer staples). Remember, NO EXCUSES! If you have the right assortment of accessories and plenty of basics, in your closet, you can get dressed in seconds – even when the baby is cooing, the nanny is running late and your husband is still in the shower. 

Rose gold being the metal du jour and snakes being the animal du jour of the year, I can’t get enough of this Double Snake Necklace. It’s from my favorite new jewelry website Check it out.

Pam's Pick, Wildfox Double Snake Necklace, August 14, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pam's Pick: Elizabeth Daniel NY Shirts

This is absolutely, hands down, the best collared shirt I’ve ever owned! At $110-$138, Elizabeth Daniel NY shirts are worth every single penny. Comfortable for travel, ideal for layering under a dress to transition from summer to fall, amazing stretch when you’re pregnant, an easy go-to for running errands with the kids, yet dressy enough for work.  Forget about bunched fabric that rolls as you walk or is so thick it creates unnecessary lines. Products like this give busy moms like me absolutely no excuses for always being our best selves. Put on this shirt with a little rouge, and you’re good to go.
Pam's Pick: Elizabeth Daniel NY shirts, August 7, 2013

Pam's Pick: Elizabeth Daniel NY shirts, August 7, 2013
Originally, only available in black and white, I’m THRILLED Elizabeth Daniel NY added color to their collection. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pam's Pick: Thymes Kimono Rose Candle

Yes, I'm not sticking with my noon posting commitment, but if you ONLY knew the type of week I'm having ... Perhaps, someday, I'll be brave enough to share the story. For now, let me just share today's Pam's Pick, which is a perfect way to end an emotional, only-a-mother-could-understand day.

Candles are one of my favorite ways to calm down, because scents can transport your mind to that happy place - we all have that happy place, where no one can touch us. They are also an easy way to make your home feel like a luxury hotel or spa … something every mother needs. Thymes’ Kimono Rose is my current go-to scent. Prior to that, it was their Mandarin Coriander candle. This company just knows how to do fragrance right! Plus, there candles come in beautiful glass containers adding to that hotel feel.

Enjoy and relax!

PS Did I mention candles are also ideal for baby making? Proceed with caution … and/or protection!
Pam's Pick: Thymes Kimono Rose Candle, July 31, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pam's Pick: Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel

If you want to have a bum like a blessed supermodel or a bubbling teenager, RUN to the store and get Mustela's Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel. After the baby was born, my backside needed a massive face lift.  OK, to be really honest, it’s always had excess pot marks "like when you squeeze the bum" and you seek icky marks …. Ya, I had that! Two months of using this gel and what used to look like mars (overshare!) now looks marvelous! Don't get jealous, just buy this gel. You and yours will be very VERY happy with the results :). As always, there is a beautiful solution for every problem. You have no excuses to Always Be Your Best You - from the front AND the back!

Pam's Pick - July 24, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

P2 Home: L'Objet Fall 2013 Collection

Some things are just better in Beverly Hills - like diamonds, Botox, front lawns and interior design. On that note, allow me to share my latest home décor obsession: L'Objet. This is the creative concoction of former interior designer to Beverly Hills' elite, Elad Yifrach. Elad’s global influences are felt throughout the Fall 2013 collection dubbed Cabinet de Curiosites. Hints of Asian, Egyptian and Mediterranean style meld into a truly luxurious assortment of art for the home. In an age when the word “luxury” has been corrupted, L’Objet deserves the moniker. For more on the 24 karat gold-plated, individually crystalized, artistically molded offerings, visit
L'Objet Fall 2013 Beaded Coral Bookend (L) Two-tier 24 Karat Server (R)

L'Objet Fall 2013 Malachite

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pam's Pick: Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer

The last thing any parent wants to do at 2 am is think about warming up a bottle. Is it too hot, too cold? What about unfreezing stored milk?!?

Three months into my daughter’s life and I’m a little wiser and more prepared for number two++, thanks to the addition of the Kiinde Kozii on my kitchen counter top. Not only is this product the smartest bottle warmer on the market thanks to an easy-to-use water bath, it also features a sleek design. One thing all new parents hate is how their house gets taken over by baby products, which is why I shop for products that not only solve problems, but are aesthetically pleasing. If you’re a Kozii fan, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from other moms.