Monday, October 29, 2012

As Seen on TV: FOX and FRIENDS Affordable Kids Halloween Costumes


Still looking for Halloween costumes for your kids? Check out my affordable options, as seen on FOX & Friends this past Friday. Halloween is a great time to let the kids explore personal style choices, within the parameters of your parental support. Pick out three or five costumes that you feel are appropriate and let your child choose the one he or she likes best. If they can point, they can an opinion! 

All the kids in this segment were adorable, but a special shout out goes to Jenna and Rachel, my nieces. Adorable, right?

Getting into the spirit, I wore an orange neoprene dress from Joe Fresh,  SPANX pantyhose, and black Brian Atwood maniac pumps. I accessorized with a black wooden rose ring from Isharya and python bangles from Ted Rossi. Goolish can be stylish.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pregnancy Tales: Stylishly Working It While Nauseated

It's spring 2013 market week and my first time doing these back-to-back, cross-town appointments while pregnant. So, you can imagine how elated I was when Autumn Hawk, a designer I met this morning, complimented me by says, “You’re the best dressed editor I've seen all week!”

Little did she know, I felt like sh*t. Between hormones, extra time devoted to covering up pimples caused by those hormones, finding the prefect non-maternity maternity outfit, and the nausea of taking a bus or taxi just to get to an appointment, looking sharp is a challenge.

But, there are no excuses, not even a lemon-sized fetus inside your belly. I felt confident and beautiful all day because I chose to fight through the struggles of managing my work day while pregnant.

My mission is to make you see that when you look good you’ll begin to feel confident and happy in your life.

If you’re pregnant or going through your own personal or professional setbacks, take the time to dress up, get your nails done and spritz on the hairspray. I welcome your comments and can’t wait to chat.

PS Speaking of non-maternity, maternity wear, Autumn Hawk New York has some amazing pieces that are sexy, stretchy and comfy. Time to work out my credit card. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time Saver: Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

OMG is exactly how I feel about Pinch Provisions "OMG" Minimergency Kit. When you're on-the-go and in-a-pinch, this kit will save you from a fashion emergency
Hair a mess after the walk to Starbucks? How about a mini hair spray?
Stocking snag? Need little clear nail polish to ward of a larger tare? 
Unexpected start to the time of the month? Tampon anyone?
I used to assemble a similar kit on my own, now I can allocate that time to more important things ... like figuring out how to perfect my home-made macaroons or finding the best non-maternity, maternity clothing.

Mom Knows Best: Looking Good Equals Feeling Good

Me and Mom aka Style Icon/Mamager/Banana-bread Baker

Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money, but my mother instilled in us the need to always look put together, irregardless of budget. My sister, Michelle, and I had no excuses, and no point of destination that didn't require a well-thought-out ensemble. We learned that when we look good, it helped us feel good, which in turn bred confidence and helped us fight through whatever life threw our way.  

Yes, style isn't just about the must-haves of the season. Style and personal grooming are tools I use to smile through even the darkest of days with confidence, grace and panache

Three years ago, my motto, looking good equals feeling good, was put to the test when my father passed away from a rare vasculitis disease. Days after his  funeral, I vividly remember my mother telling us, "Nobody should feel sorry for you. Always look your best." It may sound trivial to get your hair done or put on a nice shirt, after such a monumental lose, but we did it, as we always had, to forge ahead.  

Here's to always looking good, feeling great, respecting ourselves and getting through anything, one sassy stiletto at a time. 

And remember, no excuses. Always be your best you!