Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frances Rivera Interview, Stylish Mom, PIX11 Anchor, & MILF Mom Is Looking Fabulous

When you see moms and moms-to-be looking amazing, doesn’t that inspire you to kick it up a notch? Whether it’s a celebrity, a woman on the street or one of my friends, these MILFs “Mom Is Looking Fabulous”(TM) should be put on a pedestal because it is not easy to carry and care for a child AND look the way they do. In an effort to inspire all of you ladies out there, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite MILFs.

First up, PIX11 Morning News Anchor Frances Rivera. Frances is a dear friend, a talented broadcaster and one stylish mama. She recently came back from maternity leave, after giving birth to her second child. If you live in NY/NJ, catch her weekdays 7-9am on channel 11.
Frances Rivera

Pamela Pekerman: My motto on pregnancy and motherhood is: never surrender! Never surrender you sexuality, style and sanity. How do you embody this motto in your life?  
Frances Rivera: Don't lose your true fab self!  I've seen so many of my most fab friends enter "Mommy World" only to never exit.  You know the type - Mommies who neglect or abandon everything in their previous lives and turn into these unrecognizable Mommy Machines. For them, suddenly the rest of the world no longer exists.  

PP: I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s hard to see someone slip away and not realize how they are impacting their husband, their family and of course themselves.
FR: Yes, I've lost many a friend to that world even if we both have kids in common. I just think moms can strike a balance.  When it's lopsided to that extent, I stand on the other side of that "Mommy World" and sadly wave goodbye to my friend as the door closes.

PP: What was your biggest beauty issue during pregnancy?
FR: Awful nasty nails. I'd skip manis & pedis and use the time to sleep instead. I was that exhausted! Oh and dry knees and heels. It was pretty much impossible to bend over to slather lotion on myself so I went those last pregnant months with ashy knees, legs and feet. So embarrassing!

PP: I’ll forgive you on those two, because you know the error of your ways. Next time, at least with the skin, ask the hubby to lotion you up. It can lead to practice for baby number three!
FR: I’ll keep that in mind.

PP: Now, speaking of those adorable kids of yours, as a mother of two, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned to stay stylish and sexy?
FR:  Don't lose your sense of self and get locked in "Mommy World".  You can pull out and wear those great outfits you've always had - albeit with spit up on them sometimes, but at least you'll still look great. 
Frances Rivera (L); Frances with her beautiful family (R)

PP: What was your go-to outfit/item while pregnant, that made you feel fabulous?
FR: A Maxidress and chic jacket! They give you the versatility to dress for day or night and most importantly they're so comfy.

PP: Sexy and comfy. What a novel concept?
FR: Right?!

PP: How do you balance your time commitments as a mother, wife and anchor on PIX11 Morning News?
FR: I'm still trying to figure out that one. It all revolves around sleep - the kids' and mine. But, I've found that once the kids get over one sleep challenge and you think you're in the clear, then another issue surfaces. Also, the best "training" for me as a mom of a toddler & newborn was a trip to Disney World. It was INSANE, but the best boot camp ever.  After the major juggle you perform throughout that whole trip and travels, doing literally anything with kids after that is easy. 

PP: Good tip. Although, just the thought of taking little one’s to Disneyland makes me nauseous. Wait, maybe that’s just my third trimester talking?
FR: Probably a bit of both.

PP: Now, many women lose site of the fact that they need to focus on themselves, as well as their marriage. How do you make sure that you are part of the equation?
Frances with PIX11 Morning News co-host Sukanya Krishnan
FR: With my Type A personality, I've always gotten so caught up in doing anything and everything as perfectly as possible and now after kids, many times I just throw my hands in the air and surrender to the fact that I can't do it all.  As a result, I'm no longer the diligent "Thank You" card writer or gift giver. Also at home, beds go unmade and my daughter's morning hair rarely gets tamed. But hey, it's the small price to pay to be a more sane and happy mommy!

Celeb Pregnancy Style for Less, LIVE from The Couch WLNY

Pregnant celebrities look amazing on the Red Carpet, and even when they run their errands. Don’t think of them as the exception, when their “never surrender” attitude can be the norm. Watch my LIVE from The Couch segment (originally aired January 25, 2013) for tips on how to look sexy, spend less and feel fabulous while carrying precious cargo.

Kate Middleton – Kate has a regal, lady-like style. As her pregnancy progresses, she will likely opt for shift dresses that hint at the belly, flowy blouses and draping. 
Kate’s Day Look
TIP: before you go shopping for maternity wear, shop your closet for blouses, flowy cardigans, a form fitting cotton or nylon skirt with stretch
White tie-front blouse, $24.99
Tank top, Century 21 $8
Pencil skirt, Century 21 $15

Formal Affair
TIP: look like someone who knows she deserves to be loved on!
Red dress, $149.99

Jessica Simpson – She’s the casual, more bohemian in the bunch. Her first purchase was likely a kaftan and maternity jeans.
Jessica’s day look
TIP: At home, don’t be slouchy in oversized sweats. Comfy and sexy can unite in one outfit.
Paisley charmeuse, N Natori $54

Jessica’s going out look
TIP: there are items that are worth jumping into the maternity section for, especially great jeans. 
Always Skinny Jeans, GAP $79
Striped sweater, Liz Lange for TARGET Maternity $29

Kim Kardashina – Kim is known for her sultry style and it’s a good thing for baby daddy Kanye West that she’s likely not going to adjust her sizzle factor just because she’s expecting.
Kim’s day look  
TIP: You deserve to be sexy while you’re pregnant, it will make you feel good AND keep your man aroused.  Look for fabrics that hug comfortably like cotton or polyester blend.
Leopard Print Top, Karen Kane $54
Faux Fur Vest, Century 21 $40
Pleather Jeggings, HATCH Collection $148

Kim’s evening look
TIP: many of us get pimples on chest, belly or the back… look for dresses that flaunt your new lady friends while also helping you hide those pesky pimples.
Long-sleeve hunter green dress, $149.99

Monday, January 7, 2013

Covering Up Pimples, The Best Concealer & Liquid Foundation

It's no secret that pregnancy is doing a number on my face (and now my back!!) via ugly pimples. And, while my recent facial at Edemame Spa combined with bi-weekly use of Naturopathica's Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel (more on this later) has made a huge difference, most morning I wake up with new red or white friends. So, I set out on a quest to find cover up that conceals and nourishes my skin. Watch the below video for my go-to concealer pencil and liquid foundation.

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil ($19) -- in the video I'm only showing that I use it under my eyes, when in fact it's also a great tool to remove redness under my nose and mask monster pimples. A few simple dots and gentle patting is all it takes.

CARGO Liquid Foundation ($36) -- I'm done traveling with heavy foundation bottles; this my new flying companion. For us pregnant gals, it's good to know that the formula is oil-free (we have enough of that) and loaded with Vitamin C to augment skin's ability to fight unnecessary free radicals caused by UV rays.

As promised in the video, the lipstick I'm wearing is Lilac in matte creme from BITE BEAUTY ($24). Aside from containing organic fruit butters which create a creamy texture that conditions and moisturizes lips, the colors last for hours!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kim Kardashian Sexy Style from Before to Baby Bump

Kim Kardashian is pregnant. I hope Max and Lubov Azria over at Herve Leger are finally going to figure out the perfect cut for pregnant gals who want to rock the famous body-con, bandage dresses for nine months. (From personal experience, I can vouch for the scoop neck, simple horizontal bandage style as the best option for belly comfort.) 

Being the bombshell that she is, I wouldn't want Kim,to give up your sizzling style -- neither will Kanye West. Like Kim, I have found amazing ways to showcase my figure while being comfortable and not hurting my precious cargo. As I always say, pregnancy is NOT the time to become lazy in the fashion or beauty department unless you WANT to slowly kill the chemistry in your relationship

Kim, here are some looks to keep in mind for the next few months. 
Motel, $44 ; Max and Cleo, $94
Show off that body in figure-hugging cotton or silk jersey. You may even get away with wearing the exact same size you're used to, or just one size up. I prefer buying pieces that I can wear after the baby comes to maximize CPW (Cost Per Wear).

Avoid zippers and leather piping, which will prevent stretch and cause discomfort.

Ruched fabric is a sexy pregnancy essential. I purchased the purple Catherine Malandrino dress, last week. It's amazing. (Side bar: it was on wicked sale - $45!)


Helmut Lang, $275, $ ; GAP, $79
Helmut Lang, $185 ; J Brand,$176

Work it during the day in draped tops paired with skinny jeans. The GAP skinny jeans are my personal favorite in terms of fit, quality and price. For draped anything, Helmut Lang is king.