Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jill Stuart Fall 2013, Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Here’s another recap from my fabulous assistant, Tina Yu. This was the first show she ever covered. Mine was back in 2005 and I believe it was Tracy Reese. Those were fun days.
 Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Runway Show
Jill Stuart, Fall 2013
Stepping into Lincoln Center with my very own ticket, for the first time, was an exhilarating moment. Here I was, a Californian girl from the little suburban town of Cupertino, being dropped in front of Lincoln Center and it occurred to me that I’m finally living my dream. Being in the main show area of Lincoln Center was unforgettable, mostly because I was surrounded by diverse styles and could feel the vastness of the media world. Jill Stuart’s Fall 2013 collection was everything I could ask for as my first fashion show: crazy photographers at one end of the runway, a beautifully lit entrance on the other end. I witnessed bloggers capturing the hottest outfits on camera, celebrities being interviewed, and a plethora of gorgeously, gorgeous shoes. Also, I experienced the meaning of “fashionably late” (the show was 25 min late).** Besides being surrounded by clothes/shoes I couldn’t afford, the experience of the show itself was overwhelming; my eyes wandered all over the place, unsure of where to look first. I couldn’t soak up as much of each outfit as I was accustomed to doing at a store or online, and I couldn’t decide whether to continue watching the present model, or the following model. However, after a few looks, I fell into the flow of things. I started recognizing the feel of the collection.

Jill Stuart, Fall 2013
Stuart’s collection started off with tailored pieces in black and navy blue with little bits of white detailing peeping through (bows, collars, tasteful frills). Then, the clothes started to incorporate lace and fabric that had a lovely sheen, while still keeping the structured silhouettes that resonated throughout her collection. Thinking back, Stuart’s woman seems to be one who is classic, yet bold and chic. As the show progressed, colorful geometric patterns, golden flowers, polka dots, and bold stripes slowly emerged. The show ended with looks that sported the brighter of the fall colors, including applique flowers with the red, orange, and plum. Overall, I felt like her collection had a wide range of looks that speak to women who appreciate unique, dressy, yet wearable looks.
**Tina, late is waiting over an hour! This is standard.

Jill Stuart, Fall 2013

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