Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mom Knows Best: Tailor Your Pants or Look Like a Slob

While walking down Sixth Avenue, after a pleasant preview of the latest jewelry from Whiting & Davis, I was appalled to see a woman with extra long pants. Did she think the sidewalk needed extra sweeping? Ah, so maybe she was performing a sanitation mitzvah? But, probably not! She clearly was never taught the value of good tailoring.
I can't tell you how many hours I spent in an apartment on Brighton Beach, waiting for my mother, grandmother, sister and eventually myself to get our pants marked up by Edita, a magical seamstress. The ladies in my family are short, about 5'1 on average; there are very few pants we own that aren't tailored. In fact, not only do we hem pants, we take them in all over when the style is unique and the price is right (ex: Versace pants from Loehmann's for $50 + $15 for alterations!). For several extra dollars, it's worth having perfectly fit pants. That's the gem of wisdom my mom and grandma instilled in me from an early age. 

Lady on the street, if you're reading this, please spend $5-$10 so that we don't have to see your sad looking, extra long pant legs again. All I want is for you to look good and feel great. There is NO way you are feeling confident walking around like this. 

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