Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pregnancy Tales: Baby Steps, Salvaging a Shitty Day

Waking up at 10am, when you think it's 7am already screams it's going to be one of those hard-to-smile-through-it days. Yesterday's 4:30am to 7pm work day is biting me in the ass. Or maybe it's just that dam sciatic nerve that is gnawing at my right side, mainly around my ass-et. I have no desire to see anyone or do anything. I should probably call my assistant and tell her to work remotely. And, is now a good time to share that my pimple situation isn't getting any better?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm exhausted, hormonal and not fully prepared for my Skype conference call.  

That was my morning dialogue. A good cry soon followed.

To quote a song, "Mama said there will be day's like this." But, my mama also taught me to rise above it. Wallowing is easy. Surrendering is easy. I chose a different path.

On my way out the bathroom, I spotted the Daniel Green bootie slippers from yesterday's Cyber Monday segment, which proved to be a stylish alternative to socks (heels in the office was physically/painfully impossible -- Side Bar: they were still worn for all appointments!!). The booties led to a ski bunny-inspired ensemble complete with a faux fur vest.  
Was I beginning to see a smile form on my face?
Pimples were properly moisturised, treated and then left alone while I indulged in a yummy croissant with lox and cream cheese. Then, the pimples were quickly covered up. I went as far as to put on my "TV face". Like I said, I knew it was going to be one of those days. I needed to take all the necessary baby steps to buffer my mood.

Lastly, some bling. A sparkly bracelet from Ann Taylor and a silver python cuff from Ted Rossi completed my look and helped me climb one more step up the ladder of confidence and happiness.

I'm not going to say that at present time (6:30pm) I feel honky dory. But, rest assured, if these baby steps of pampering were not taken, I'd be worse off and likely wallowing in bed waiting for my husband to come home. Boy would that be an attractive gift at the end of his long day! Because he loves me, my misery would become his misery. Nothing says "lets fornicate" like a sappy wife. Instead, well, I have OTHER plans tonight ;).

If you are having a difficult day, be it due to pregnancy, self doubt, parental issues, whatever, think about the baby steps you can take to improve your outlook. Leave me a comment. I welcome your thoughts and hope that my story helps you strive to achieve your best you.  


  1. What an amazing post, it sure did make me laugh:)

  2. thanks Nadia! I hope it inspires you to be your best you, every single day. xo