Friday, February 21, 2014

P2 Beauty: Chipped Nails Are Intolerable, Love Yourself and Stick to Your Beauty Routine

I can't take it any more! Ladies, stop neglecting your nails. 

When you have chipped nail polish, uneven nail lengths and unkempt cuticles you're telling the world "I don't care about myself." "You don't need to look at me!" Is that what you want as your walking billboard? 
A woman with chipped nails is like a man with major body odor - intolerable! 
I know what you're thinking.  

Pamela, I don't always have time to get my nails done. Life is hectic and there are a million other things on my to-do list. 

Or, maybe you're saying: Manicure? I can't allocate money towards that, these days. 

Even worse, maybe you're saying: Why bother. Nobody looks at my hands or any part of me. Frankly, I don't want them to look my way. 
My recently shellaced nails. I missed the salon. 
I get it. No, I REALLY get it. For the past two months, I had no help mid-week with Ilana, a growing belly, restless legs, crazy/dangerous snow storms that kept us indoors, a desire to sleep at 7pm and backlogged work. I didn't go to the nail salon for seven weeks and had to make due on my own. 

I GET IT! Between the hellish hours we keep at work just to ensure we still have a job (What no family dinner tonight? You have to stay at work until 11pm, again?), house errands that never seem to end (Didn't I just do the white laundry? What do you mean we are out of milk?), trying to do right by our husbands/kids/parents (Yes, mom, I really want to come over this weekend, but we have to go grocery shopping, meet with contractors to discuss the new nursery and sleep) .... I'm going to stop because writing it makes me nauseatingly exhausted. 

Even though it's very important to allocate time to yourself and ensure you are looking, and therefore feeling, your best, going to the salon isn't a weekly or even biweekly option. There are several affordable home products and tips to ensure nifty nails. 

TIP 1 - Gelled nails last for 2-3 weeks and you can DIY at home with Red Carpet Manicure. Their Pro Kit ($79) will last for months, maybe even the whole year.

TIP 2 - If you don't want to deal with the gels, Duri nail polish is a personal favorite. Aside from great colors, their top coats make your nails stronger and your cuticles healthy between proper manicures. 

TIP 3 - Afraid your manicurist skills aren't that great? A clear or flesh color hue, like Duri's Linen and Lace ($6), is better than nothing at all. It also helps hide a poor filing job or bitten nails. (PS Try not to bite your nails.)

TIP 4 - In between home maintenance, pamper yourself every few weeks with a proper manicure. It's going to do more fore your self-esteem than your daily cup of coffee from the local deli. 

I'm wishing you a happy and blessed weekend. Take care of those nails and you really are taking care of YOU, YOUR SELF IMAGE and even YOUR LEADERSHIP ROLE FOR YOUR FAMILY. Your husband/partner wants a confident you. Your kids deserve a mommy that loves herself and shows them how to take care of themselves. Everything you do in your beauty/style routine is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself and I REALLY WANT YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF, set a good example for your family and ALWAYS BE YOUR BEST YOU

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