Friday, February 14, 2014

P2 Fashion: Save Your Marriage & Wear Lingerie Everyday, Valentine's Day Isn't Enough

My husband and I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Even when we dated, it was never a special day because the core purpose of Valentine’s Day doesn't make sense to us, especially to me. Why do I deserve only one day of special pampering and attention? Why does he deserve one day of special sex and affection? If you are too busy to acknowledge each other during the year, it’s time to reassess your priorities and your relationship.  

Ladies, why don’t you use the time around Valentine’s Day to take advantage of sales on seductive loungewear and kinky lingerie? If you value your marriage, burn your worn-out, alma mater t-shirt and start sleeping in something with a bit more sex appeal. I’m not suggesting we all need to wear S&M-style outfits to bed or around the house – at least not every night – but if you are only devoting ONE DAY a year to sexuality, you are hurting your self-confidence, and slowly deteriorating your relationship.

Here are some great options for the bedroom.
Boudoir attire - give him something to think about at the office.
Sexy sleepwear - you can show it all off or leave a bit to the imagination.
And, here are some styles to wear around the house. Sweatpants should only be reserved for emergencies. A cozy robe is appropriate occasionally, and only for a few hours in the morning or evening. Ideally, there is something alluring and flag-pole lifting ;) underneath!

Loungewear can be seductive without going overboard. 
Because my husband loves my bottom, leggings are my go-to at home. When I'm feeling the need for extra syncing, I turn to Yummie Tummie.  These leggings are amazing and are great after you give birth as a bonus body huger, in addition to your belly band. ($76)

Figleaves has a great thermal loungewear collection that's flattering, warm and easy to wear even when you're carrying a ten-month-old in your arms and a four-month-old in your belly. ($27-$118)

Layer this red Hanro, Woolen Lace Spaghetti Camisole under a through away cardigan for extra cozyness, and you'll still be showcasing your fabulous body. ($115)

Tanks don't mean cold, when you're wearing Figleaves, Thermal Pointelle Thermal Cami. ($39)

Home attire can be as simple as a pair of leggings and a cotton tank. The key is that you're not hiding your body. Likely, your man loves those seductive curves. Why not show them off? Nothing about any of the above looks is trashy, but it's definitely kicking it up notch from baggy sweats and over sized shirts. I'm also a fan of wrap or faux wrap dresses, which you can layer over leggings if your house runs cold. 

I welcome your comments, as I'm sure you ladies will have a lot to say on this topic. Guys, feel free to chime i, as well. 

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