Wednesday, February 26, 2014

P2 Fashion: Shopping Ted Baker Spring 2014 Florals

Trying on a Ted Baker Spring 2014 dress for my daughter's 1st b-day 
 Dear Ted Baker,

You had me at yellow, retro 50s dress in 2012. Since then, we've become unseperatble. I can't imagine my closet without you. The rose gold, blush pinks and florals of spring 2014 are making me very happy. And while my baby bump prevents me from buying the ENTIRE collection, I had a fabulous time shopping for a preggers-friendly dress to wear to my daughter's first birthday party. Can't wait to see you again.
Trying on Ted Baker Spring 2014 dress with five-month baby bump

Other bump-friendly options I tried from Ted Baker's Spring 2014 collection 

PS I love you more than Fortum & Mason's Rose Biscuits dipped in clotted cream. And, that's saying a lot! 

Shopping Ted Baker Spring 2014 collection 
I hate buying items I can't wear, so I passed on all of the fashion items below. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children. I hope my son (arriving in late June) understands what mama goes through in order to carry him into this world. Fortunatly, I always find stylish, bump-friendly options when I'm pregnant because there are ALWAYS pretty options. Being pregnant doesn't equal massive layers/covering up. Be pretty. Be fabulous. Always Be Your Best You! Oh, and DON'T wear clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable because that is not good for your baby! 
Ted Baker, Spring 2014
Ted Baker, Spring 2014

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