Friday, March 7, 2014

P2 Family: Huggies Launches Clutch 'n' Clean Refillable Wipes

Modeling Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean Refillable Wipes
This week, Huggies launched their new Clutch 'n' Clean Refillable Wipes ($3.99) at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. The playful designs not only hold whips, but leave room for other in-the-park essentials like your cell phone and lip gloss. Doesn't everyone carry lip gloss for walks in the park?
Ambiance at Huggies Event,
& posing with my gal Jordan from 
There was a mini breakfast reception, hosted by MomTrends, which allowed some of us media moms the chance to play with the product.  Also, I was able to live out my "modeling" dream, by showcasing one of the styles while wearing a BCBG dress from Destination Maternity,

I love that you can loop the clutch around your arm or attach it to your stroller. Additionally, the material is smooth, yet durable.  I completely understand, now, that everything needs to be durable when it comes to kids!

I keep one clutch in my diaper bag, and recently dressed up so that I semi-matched my Clutch 'n' Clean. It was going to get a lot of use out of the bag, so I thought, why not work it into the wardrobe. 
Always Be Your Best You and keeping it stylishly clean

This post is a collaboration with MomTrends. The opinions and copy belong to Pamela Pekerman and reflect her genuine love for the brand/product in question. You can’t buy her love, but she does need to buy a lot of diapers and diamonds.

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