Wednesday, March 5, 2014

P2 Family: Munchkin Launches mbaby Apparel Layette Collection, and My Baby is a Model

Ilana Rose showcases mbaby onester and converable pant
Last week, my daughter had her big modeling break; well, sort of. I was asked to attend the launch of Munchkin’s new mbaby apparel layette collection hosted by, and dress Ilana in the clothing. After previewing the soft and supple material, as well as the smart, yet simple, design, I was more than pleased to put my munchkin in mbaby.

mbaby onster apparel, by Munchkin
The mbaby onester apparel, which is what Ilana is wearing in long sleeve ($34), has a double-layer front, ideal for babies that spend most of their time on their backs or in strollers. The double layer keeps the chill at bay in a discreet, comfortable design, without overheating her back. Genius, right?
mbaby sleepster by Munchkin
mbaby apparel by Munchkin

Ilana is also modeling the 100% cotton rib knit (FYI the entire collection is made with cotton because mbaby, like most smart moms, gets that this is the best option for babies) pants with a convertible foot ($30). Ilana can be fully covered or wear cute capri-style cuffed pants. It’s super easy to transition from one look to the next, and it maximizes the wear of the item. Again, genius!

The pieces are easy to mix and match and many are gender neutral. I spent some extra time in the boys assortment, as I have NO idea what I’ll be doing with my little man when he arrives in late June. Any tips on raising a boy? Do share!

PS The chef-style, star hat is not from mbaby. My sister’s daughters both wore it and nobody recalls where it was purchased.  

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