Monday, December 10, 2012

Mom to Be GIFT GUIDE, What Every Pregnant Woman Needs

What should you get for the girl who will be the mother of your child, the producer of your grandchild, the carrier of your family tree? ANYTHING she wants ;). To narrow down the list, here are some suggestions of what us belly-barring ladies will like for the holidays (or any day, for that matter).

Spa Day or Massage - In case you haven't noticed our tossing and turning at night, pregnancy is kicking our butts. Help us destress with a pampering spa day or individual massage. We'll come back happy, stress free and probably frisky!
Hint for men: Ask other women in your area about good maternity-specific spas, or spas that have pre-natal services. It's important that this place has a team that is well trained in dealing with moms to be. **Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure massages, or other services, are safe.
Hint for my husband: I've heard Edamame Spa in NYC is a dream.

Lingerie - She wants to feel sexy and she wants to know that you still think of her as a sex bomb.
Hint for men: Look for items that are loose, but see through. Also, pick a color that compliments her skin tone. Likely, it's a color she wears all the time. Try Embroidered Eyelet Babydoll from Victoria's Secret or the Lacey Babydoll from Frederick's of Hollywood.
Hint for my husband: Not going to lie, he needs no hints in this department :).

Colors Jeans - Jeans are really the only clothing item that pregnant gals need to buy from a maternity collection. In addition to having a classic wash, get a fun colored options in Pantone's 2013 go-to shades of aquatic greens and blues, like these 7 For All Mankind Slimm Illusion Colored Skinny Jeans in Lagoon
Hint for men: Most denim brands now have a maternity offering, so sneak into her closet and see what brands she loves. While you're there, check the size. Most of us can still wear the same size or a size up. When in doubt, ask her mother or best friend.  
Hint for my husband: I'm a 26.

Personal Trainer - We want to feel sexy and be our best, but hitting the gym on our own is hard on a normal day, let alone when we're carrying extra weight. A personal trainer can help show your gal what she can safely do during her pregnancy. If you can't splurge on a trainer for the duration of the pregnancy, gifting four or five sessions is still a nice treat. An even more affordable option is getting her a membership to For $2/day, a trainer will work around her schedule and needs, while providing valuable support and feedback 24/7.  **Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure exercising is safe.

Shoes - With shoes, you don't have to worry about size and she doesn't have to worry about fit.  If you're going for a high heel, look for ankle support and/or a thicker heel to help with balance. 
Hint for men: Some gals retain excess water, making feet swell. If this is the case with your wife, get her a handbag.

Babymoon - Especially if you are expecting your first child, now is the time to take a vacation. It's never going to be just about the two of you, once the baby comes. However, now is the time to set a pattern of committing to each other. Your baby is important, but your intimacy should never suffer. Enjoy some R&R and don't forget to keep is spicy and sexy, even after the baby arrives ... it may just get you another babymoon.
**Always consult with your OB-GYN to make sure traveling is safe.
PS I'm off to Viceroy Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, come January. I'll be sharing videos of this amazing resort, in between  enjoying some tea and doing NOTHING.

Maternity Photo Session - We love taking photos, and now is no exception. Preserve this beautiful moment in time with a maternity photo session. If  you live in NYC, I love the work of Michael Kormos.  
Hint for men: Dad-to-be can get into a few of the images, but of course it's all about us.

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