Tuesday, September 17, 2013

P2 Fashion: The Boots Make The Look, Tabitha Simmons

In tribute to London Fashion Week and the cold winds that swept into New York, this morning, I pulled out my new Tabitha Simmons boots – an acquisition from my recent romantic getaway to London. The boots are the perfect shade of grey that matches black, white, metallic, blue, red, etc. I love the lace-up details, with the convenience of a zip, side opening. The heels are thick enough to provide excellent balance and comfort, without being too bulky. Lastly, like any great boots, they have leather inner and leather upper lining. If I’m spending over $500, heck over $200, on boots, the inside better be leather, as well.
P2 Style - It's all about the boots and mix material 
The whole outfit was planned around the boots. What can I say, accessories are my passion. How do you plan your outfits? Do start with one key accessory or clothing item? Are you a night before layout the look gal or a morning dressing in a rush gal?

Jacket – Ramy Brook; Jeans – True Religion; Shirt – H&M; Headband – Marie Hayden; Necklace – bebe; Ring – Kelly Wearstler; Bag - Chanel; Boots - Tabitha Simmons

P2 Style - Accessorizing 

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