Monday, September 16, 2013

P2 Home: Tea Time Equals Magical Moments

Whether you celebrated Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement/ culmination of Jewish New Year) this weekend or not, allow me to wish you a happy rebirth. Fall is the perfect time to reprogram, recharge and re-position your life.  Take this seasonal opportunity to realign, commit to always being your best you and seek to create beauty in every aspect of your life.

On the latter, I’m a pro. For instance, I make tea drinking a divine experience, in my home, because it brings me so much joy. I collect beautiful tea pots, each of which is used for a specific tea, at a specific time of day/week, and even with specific guests. Last night, I enjoyed a light white tea with lavender in a simple white pot, accompanied by rose biscuits from Fortum and Mason.  Tasting the tea while looking at the elegant tea pot is a small token of love I give myself.

My mother has a friend who says that you need to color in your life. I agree! How do you color your life and  make magical moments of beauty?
P2 Lifestyle - my beautiful tea pots create beautiful moments
(Top left going clockwise - 
Richard Ginori Missoni Margherita Teapot; White Elephant-Looking Teapot, HomeGoods; Butterfly Meadow Teapot, Lenox; Bohemian Paisiy Teapot, Caskata

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