Tuesday, September 10, 2013

P2 Fashion: Harper Ave. Clear Backpacks for the Overexposed Twitter Generation

Backpacks are not only a functional transportation device for school books and supplies. They are an extension of personal style and a way for your children to express their fashionable point of view. For the non-stop texting, what-I’m-eating tweeting, where-I’m-going foursquaring teens today, HarperAve. has the perfect backpack – The Kazuyo. With a stripped down silhouette and clear sides, this bag not only reveals style, but gives a substantial glimpse inside the wearer’s life. Is she taking AP classes, because I see one of those advances text books? Oh, she likes Hello Kitty, because I spy kitty pencils. Is she dating Steven, because I think that’s his picture on the cover of her Memo notepad?  

Whether sleek, see-through, fluorescent or fuzzy, allow your children, even the little ones, to pick out their own backpacks, so that they learn to value individual style. Since they see that you are takingcare of yourself, they too, want to spend the time in the morning grooming their hair, organizing their fabulous backpack and finding the perfect outfit to wear. Always Be Your Best You should be a family motto.

Harper Ave.'s Kazuyo Backpack
With all this talk of school, does anyone else wish they could go back? Let me grab my Cyclades bag (non see through sided; I’m old school) and I’ll meet you in the halls by the 360 lockers. 

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