Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pam's Pick: Customized Art for Nursery, Kiddie Designs

My daughter’s nursery room still needs some accessories, namely art. Rather than put up safari animals, butterflies or stars, I want to give her something she’ll enjoy for years to come. Is it wishful thinking to believe she’ll be a sentimental moosh, like her mom?

Here’s a painting that my friend Tracy, owner of Kiddie Designs, made for me. It’s a coral, Capricorn goat with big lashes and stilettos! Each section of the goats body and horns have words that represent my personality – “serious” “elegant” “sincere” “calm” “her own strength” “love & respect” and “modesty.

For Ilana, I’ve ordered an Aries ram in yellow that will be wearing a replica of the “חַי‎” (Hebrew for living) necklace I wear every day. It belonged to my father and I want to strengthen his presence in her life by incorporating him into her room. Lastly, I asked Tracy to wear in roses for Ms. Ilana Rose! I can’t wait to share the final product.
Pam's Pick - 9.25.13

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