Thursday, September 19, 2013

P2 Fashion: Launch of X by Trollbeads w Jenn Falik and Wayne Scott Lukas

Yesterday morning, despite leaving the house late, getting stuck in traffic and having a fight with the meter machine, I, eventually, had the pleasure of previewing the newest creation from Danish jewelers Trollbeads, X by Trollbeads. Right away, the “X” makes this new collection sound rougher, edgier and younger than its parent. But, the name actually refers to the innovative x links that connect with a simple twist. The result is bespoke bracelets and necklaces that you can customize with high quality silver, bronze, gold and black rubber links.

P2 Fashion - X by Trollbeads Debut Collection, Fall 2013 
I like the stripped down color pallet, allowing for the craftsmanship of each piece to shine through. From musical notes to Zodiac signs, flowers and Greek G-ds, there’s a chance to really get personal and let your jewelry reflect your likes, loves and life. I plan to make three bracelets: one that represents my husband, one that represents my daughter and one that represents me. On each bracelet, I’ll include one link that represents all three of us, thus showing we are all unique, but forever connected as one happy, well-accessorized family.
P2 Fashion - Having fun with Jenn Falik and Wayne Scott Lukas at
X by Trollbeads launch
The event was hosted by my friend, fellow mommy and Style Expert Jenn Falik, as well as Celebrity Stylist Wayne Scott Lucas. Wayne, you’re lucky my hair was up because our locks would have fallen in link love. Hmm, do you think that could inspire a future X by Trollbeads collection? If so, we can split royalties and celebrate while we're getting our hair done!

X by Trollbeads is available in store in more than thirty-five markets globally and online.
P2 Fashion - gifts courtesy of X by Trollbeads.

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